Who may join the ELA?

The ELA is not an exclusive organisation, so anyone is eligible to become a member who has an active interest in the development and application of environmental law. Environmental law students and academics, environmnetal consultants and assessment practitioners, government officials and lawyers generally will benefit from ELA activities.

What does it cost?

Standard membership fee:
R600-00 per year

Reduced membership fee (full-time students, seniors and candidate attorneys):
R250-00 per year

Duration of membership

Membership is renewed annually, and effective from January to December each year.
Members are urged to inform the ELA Secretariat of any changes in their contact details to ensure effective communication.

How do I apply?

In order to ensure seamless access to Membership Benefits on our website, it is preferable to apply and pay for your membership online, following the steps below. However, if you would like to request an invoice before making payment, please email us at .
Step 1. Click on either the ‘STANDARD MEMBERSHIP’ button, or the ‘STUDENT/SENIORS/CANDIDATE ATTORNEYS MEMBERSHIP’ button below, to be directed to our secure payment portal, to pay for your membership.
Step 2. Once you have paid for your membership you will be required complete an online membership form like the one picture below.
Step 3. An email will be sent to you requesting you to set up your login details, so that you can access Membership Benefits on this website, and you will be given the option to request an invoice confirming your payment.