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17 December 2021

The ELA wishes You a Peaceful Festive Season and Healthy 2022!

The next Newsletter will appear during the weekend of 7 January 2021



Department of Mineral Resources and Energy “Gas Master Plan 2022 Base Case Report Stakeholder Consultation” September 2021

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development – GN 1614 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021 – The capability, potential, state and use of the natural agricultural resources of South Africa, 2021 – for comment


National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill, 2021 [B24-2021]


Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 – GN R1598 in GG 45633 of 10 December 2021 – Declaration of a national state of disaster published in GN 313 in GG 43096 of 15 March 2020 extended to 15 January 2022

Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 – GN R1633 in GG 45674 of 17 December 2021 – Regulations issued in terms of s. 27 (2) of the Act published in GN R480 in GG 43258 of 29 April 2020 amended

Rules Board for Courts of Law Act 107 of 1985 – GN R1602 in GG 45645 of 17 December 2021 – Rules regulating the conduct of the proceedings of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa amended with effect from 1 February 2022

Rules Board for Courts of Law Act 107 of 1985 – GN R1603 in GG 45645 of 17 December 2021 – Rules regulating the conduct of proceedings of the several provincial and local divisions of the High Court of South Africa amended with effect from 1 February 2022

Rules Board for Courts of Law Act 107 of 1985 – GN R1604 in GG 45645 of 17 December 2021 – Rules Regulating the Conduct of the Proceedings of the Magistrates’ Courts of South Africa amended with effect from 1 February 2022

National Water Act 36 of 1998 – GN 1625 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021 – Proposed Reserve Determination of Water Resources for the Mzimvubu Catchment

National Water Act 36 of 1998 – GN 1626 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021 – Mzimvubu-Tsitsikamma Water Management Area (MWA 7) in the Eastern Cape Province: Limiting the use of water in terms of item 6 of Schedule 3 of the Act for urban, agricultural and industrial (including mining) purposes

National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 – GN 1617 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021 – Procedures to be followed in applying for or deciding on an Environmental Authorisation Application for large scale wind and solar photovoltaic renewable energy development activities when occurring in renewable energy development zones published in GN 113 in GG 41445 of 16 February 2018 amended

Statistics Act 6 of 1999 – (GN 1628 in GG 45655 of 15 December 2021 – Notice in terms of s. 7 (2) (a) proclaiming date of Census 2022 to be 2 February 2022

National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999 – GN R1612 in GG 45645 of 17 December 2021 – Draft regulations in accordance with the provisions of s. 9 of the Act – for comment

Public Audit Act 25 of 2004 – GN 1599 in GG 45637 of 13 December 2021 – Directive published for financial periods beginning on or after 1 April 2021 published and GN 394 in GG 44526 of 4 May 2021 withdrawn

National Energy Regulator Act 40 of 2004 – GN 1629 in GG 45661 of 17 December 2021 – National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA): Notice on the public hearing on Eskom’s fifth multi year price determination (MYPD5) application for the 2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25 Financial Years

Carbon Tax Act 15 of 2019 – GN 1627 in GG 45654 of 15 December 2021 – Notice in respect of the renewable energy premium in respect of a tax period for purposes of symbol ‘B’ in the formula contained in s. 6 (2) of the Act published with effect from 1 January 2020

Division of Revenue Act 9 of 2021 – GN 1621 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021 – Conditional allocations and explanatory memorandum

Standards Act 8 of 2008 – Gen Notice 724 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021

  • For comment
    • SANS 3001-GR63 Ed 1 Civil engineering test methods – Part-GR63, Soil quality – Determination of water-soluble and acid-soluble sulfater. Specifies procedures for the preparation of water and acid extracts of air-dried soils and soil-like material
    • SANS 10108 Ed 7 The classification of hazardous locations and the selection of equipment for use in such locations. Covers the classification of surface and underground locations in which fires or explosions can occur owing to the presence of flammable gases, vapours or mists, dusts, fibres or flyings in the air, in order to permit the proper selection of electrical equipment and mechanical equipment, such as compression-ignition engines (diesel engines), to be used in such locations
    • SATR 50012 Ed 1 Guidance for reporting uncertainty in measurement and verification. Purpose of this guidance document is to provide clarifications and guidance on the use of statistics and statistical modelling for performing energy and water Measurement and Verification (M&V).
    • SANS 5667-10 Ed 2 Water quality – Sampling – Part 10: Guidance on sampling of waste waters. Contains details on the sampling of domestic and industrial waste water, i.e. the design of sampling programmes and techniques for the collection of samples. Covers waste water in all its forms, i.e. industrial waste water, and crude and treated domestic waste water
  • Amendments for comment
    • SANS 60079-18 Ed 4.1 Explosive atmospheres – Part 18: Equipment protection by encapsulation “m” Amended to update the scope, to update the clause on type test, routine verifications and tests, and to add the annex on dielectric strength test between circuits and environment.
    • SANS 10087-10 Ed 1.3 The handling, storage, distribution and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic, commercial and industrial installations – Part 10: Mobile filling stations for refillable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers of capacity not exceeding 9 kg Amended to update referenced standards, to move reference to legislation from the text to the foreword and to change the requirements for water supply on site.
    • SANS 868-4 Ed 1.2 Compression-ignition engine systems and machines powered by such engine systems, for use in mines and plants with explosive gas atmospheres or explosive dust atmospheres or both – Part 4: Non-hazardous locations in underground coal mines. Amended to update the foreword, to update referenced standards, to update definitions, to update the clause on requirements, and to update the requirements for marking.
  • New Standards
    • SANS 62271-106:2021 Ed 2 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 106: Alternating current contactors, contactor-based controllers and motor-starters. Applies to AC contactors and/or contactor-based controllers and motorstarters designed for indoor installation and operation at frequencies up to and including 60 Hz on systems having voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 24 kV.
    • SATS 62257-1:2021 Ed 1 Recommendations for renewable energy and hybrid systems for rural electrification – Part 1: General introduction to IEC 62257 series and rural electrification. Introduces a methodology for implementing rural electrification using autonomous hybrid renewable energy systems.
    • SANS 16924:2021 Ed 1 Natural gas fuelling stations – LNG stations for fuelling vehicles. Specifies the design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of stations for fuelling liquefied natural gas (LNG) to vehicles, including equipment, safety and control devices.
    • SANS 10400-XA:2021 Ed 2 The application of the National Building Regulations Part X: Environmental sustainability Part XA: Energy usage in buildings. Provides deemed-to-satisfy requirements for compliance with part XA (Energy usage in buildings) of the National Building Regulations
    • SANS 21398:2021 Ed 2 Hard coal and coke–- Guidance to the inspection of mechanical sampling systems. Sets out recommended practices for the inspection of mechanical sampling systems and serves as a guide for conformance with applicable ISO/TC 27 standards.
    • SANS 50900: Ed 2 Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption – Calcium hypochlorite. Applies to calcium hypochlorite used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.
    • SANS 1295:2021 Ed 1 Rational use of energy – Thermal efficiency on gas appliances. Sets out the rational use of energy requirements and test methods for gas appliances falling within the scope of SANS 1539 including but not limited to cooking appliances, instantaneous water heaters, and storage water heaters.
    • SANS 737:2021 Ed 2 Coal – Determination of plastic properties – Constant-torque Gieseler plastometer method. Specifies a method for obtaining a relative measure of the plastic behaviour of coal when heated under prescribed conditions.
    • SANS 10752:2021 Ed 2 Coal sizing equipment – Performance evaluation. Describes the principles and methods for the expression of results of performance tests on sizing equipment used in coal preparation, and includes methods for the evaluation of performance parameters.
    • SANS 10753:2021 Ed 2 Coal preparation plant – Assessment of the liability to breakdown in water of materials associated with coal seams. Specifies a method for assessing the liability of materials associated with coal seams to breakdown on agitation with water
  • Amended standards
    • SANS 3001-CO3-3:2021 Ed 1.1 Civil engineering test methods – Part CO3-3: Concrete durability index testing – Chloride conductivity test. Consolidated edition incorporating amendment No.1. Amended to update the clause on procedure, the clause on calculations, and referenced standards

Standards Act 8 of 2008 – Gen Notice 723 in GG 45649 of 17 December 2021

  • Amendments
    • SANS 1808-44 Ed 1.4 Water supply and distribution system components – Part 44: Pipe saddles Amended to update the requirements, and to delete the notes to purchasers.
    • SATS 2 Ed 1.1 The development of normative documents other than South African National Standards Amended to delete the note to the scope, update referenced documents, definitions, and the figure on stages of development, include publicly available specifications (PAS), delete reference to obsolete deliverables, delete figure 1 and to include an introduction
    • SANS 3001-AS11 Ed 1.1 Civil engineering test methods – Part AS11: Determination of the maximum void-less density of asphalt mixes and the quantity of binder absorbed by the aggregate Amended to update introduction, to include extra explanatory details in the text and to allow use of different water temperatures.


Eastern Cape

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 – LAN 326 in PG 4663 of 13 December 2021 – Inxuba Yethemba Local Municipality – By-law relating to Impoundment of Animals

Northern Cape

Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 – Gen Notice 138 in PG 2468 of 13 December 2021 – Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality – Appointment of tribunal members and readiness of the municipal planning tribunal to commence operations

Western Cape

Western Cape Biodiversity Act 6 of 2021 / Wes-Kaapse Wet op Biodiversiteit 6 van 2021 – PN 150 in PG 8529 of 14 December 2021 – commencement to be proclaimed

Repeals: Sea Shore Act 21 of 1935; Mountain Catchment Areas Act 63 of 1970 in so far as it has been assigned to the Province by Proc R28 of 1995; Nature Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974; Nature Reserves Validation Ordinance 3 of 1982; Western Cape Nature Conservation Board Act 15 of 1998; Western Cape Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance Amendment Act 8 of 1999; Western Cape Nature Conservation Laws Amendment Act 3 of 2000 and Western Cape Biosphere Reserves Act 6 of 2011

Western Cape Adjustments Appropriation Act 7 of 2021 – PN 151 in PG 8530 of 14 December 2021 – commenced 14 December 2021




Lucas & Another v Umhlathuze Municipality and Another (Case no. 785/2020) [2021] ZASCA 181 (17 December 2021)

“Summary: Delict – negligence – foreseeability of harm – child fatally electrocuted when touching metal cage encasing electricity distribution kiosk – kiosk on private property administered by body corporate – lock affixed to cage by municipality – whether municipality liable – body corporate responsible for maintenance of common property – s 25 of the Electricity Regulation Act 4 of 2006 – incident not caused by negligence of municipality – appeal dismissed.”

W Taxpayer v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service (IT 45672) [2021] ZATC 9 (14 December 2021)

[1] The appellant (“taxpayer”) is a waste management company. It appeals against the additional assessments raised by the respondent (“SARS”) for the 2015 and 2016 years of assessment, including the imposition of certain understatement penalties (“USP’s”) in relation thereto.

[2] The issues for determination are as follows:

2.1 Whether the taxpayer was entitled to the allowances claimed in terms of s 12C(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act[1] (“ITA”) for ‘machinery or plant’ in respect of the construction of its landfill cells, allegedly used directly in the process of manufacture (in simple terms, 40% in the first year and 20% per year thereafter) or, as SARS contends, it is limited to an allowance of 5% per year as contemplated in s 37B(2)(b) as read with s 13 of the ITA;

2.2 Whether the taxpayer was entitled to the allowances claimed for future expenditure in terms of s 24C of the ITA in respect of amounts included in its deduction calculations as ‘unwinding effect charged to interest’, namely R11 594 000 (for 2015) and R12 661 000 (for 2016);  and

2.3 Whether SARS was entitled to levy USP’s on the ground of ‘reasonable care not taken in completing return’ in a ‘standard case’ as provided in s 221 to s 223 of the Tax Administration Act[2] (“TAA”) in respect of (a) the admitted understatement by the taxpayer of its interest income for the 2016 year of assessment by R25 910 000; and (b) the alleged understatement by the taxpayer of its taxable income for the 2015 and 2016 years by – as SARS contends – incorrectly claiming the s 24C allowances referred to above.”


Waratah Coal Pty Ltd v Youth Verdict Ltd & Ors (No 2) [2021] QLC 4

“Human Rights – Jurisdiction And Procedure – Queensland – where the objectors contended that the grant of a mining lease and environmental authority would be incompatible with the Human Rights Act 2019 – where the objectors provided particulars to that effect – where the applicant contended that particulars provided did not adequately inform the applicant as to the case they had to meet nor the real issues in dispute – where the applicant sought further and better particulars – where the Department of Environment and Science identified five steps for the Court in complying with s 58 of the Human Rights Act 2019 – where the Department of Environment and Science submitted that the human rights case raised by the objectors was not adequately articulated – where the human rights case involves questions of law and policy as well as facts and circumstances – where the Court concluded requiring further particulars was not the best way to fully articulate the human rights case – where the Court identified different processes for that to occur.

Energy And Resources – Minerals – Courts or Tribunals Exercising Jurisdiction In Mining Matters – Procedure –– Particulars – where the objectors contended that a mining lease and environmental authority should not be granted – where the objectors provided some particulars of their objections – where the applicant contended the particulars did not adequately inform the applicant as to the case they had to meet nor the real issues in dispute – where the applicant sought further and better particulars – where the Court has wide discretion in its procedure but must afford procedural fairness – where the Court must assess what particulars are necessary in order for the other party to know what case they must meet – where the applicant sought particulars based on five categories defined by the objectors’ reasons for refusing to provide them – where the Court considered whether other processes could clarify the real issues – where the Court ordered the objectors to provide an exhaustive list of classes of individuals whose human rights they say will be limited by the application being granted – where the Court did not order further particulars on other matters at this stage of the case.”



Du Plessis AA “Some of the Changing Features of Urban Governance as Cities respond to Global Climate Change” in Nijman J and Aust HP (eds) Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Edward Elgar 2021) 93-115

French D and Kotzé LJ (eds) Research Handbook on Law, Governance and Planetary Boundaries (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2021) 1-416

Kim R and Kotzé LJ “Governing the Complexity of Planetary Boundaries: A State-of-the-Art Analysis of Social Science Scholarship” in French D and Kotzé LJ (eds) Research Handbook on Law, Governance and Planetary Boundaries (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2021) 45-65

Kotzé LJ “Cities, the Anthropocene and Earth System Law” in Aust H and Nijman J (eds) Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2021) 354- 367

Kotzé LJ “Earth System Law for the Anthropocene: Rethinking Environmental Law Alongside the Earth System Metaphor” in Webster E and Mai L (eds) Transnational Environmental Law in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the Role of Law in Times of Planetary Change (Routledge, London, 2021) 75-104

Kotzé LJ “Human Rights and Socioecological Justice through a Vulnerability Lens” in Atapattu S, Gonzalez C and Seck S (eds) The Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2021) 86-100

Kotzé LJ “International Environmental Law in African National and Regional Courts” in Rajamani L and Peel J (eds) The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2021) 1059-1064

Kotzé LJ and French D “Staying within the Planet’s ‘Safe Operating Space’? Law and the Planetary Boundaries” in French D and Kotzé LJ (eds) Research Handbook on Law, Governance and Planetary Boundaries (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, forthcoming 2021) 1-19

Kotzé LJ and Kim R “Exploring the Normative, Transformative and Analytical Dimensions of Earth System Law” in Desai B (ed) Our Earth Matters: Pathways to a Better Common Environmental Future (IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2021) 11-24

Steenkamp RM Dini J Palmer C and Naidoo D “Water Law and The Water Research Commission – Towards the goal of water for all for ever” WRC@50

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2021 17(4) Quest now available (popular science articles)

2021 4(2) NRF Science Matters Magazine (popular science articles)


ICCA “Territories of Life 2021” (Report May 2021) – more about the organisation here

The Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) is inviting contributions to a special issue that would explore the prospects of international litigation on climate change. Abstracts can be sent to Benoit Mayer () and Harro van Asselt () by 31 January 2022. Authors will be informed about their inclusion in the special issue by 18 February 2022. The full papers (around 8,000 words, including footnotes) are due by 31 July 2022.

Craig R and Ruhl JB •”4°C,”106 Minnesota Law Review 191-282 (Nov. 2021): https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3806040

Craig R and Ruhl JB “New Realities Require New Priorities: Heading Off the Climate Dystopia Death Spirals by Reprioritizing the Environment and Environmental Law” Chapter 1 in Keith Hirokawa & Jessica Owley, Environmental Law, Disrupted 10-31 (ELI Press Nov. 2021), https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3981014

News, Blogs, Discussions, Websites, Videos, ETC

South Africa

Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Culture

Daily Maverick: Stoddard E “Is trouble ahead for South Africa’s private rhino breeders?” 13 December 2021

News24: Human L “Crayfish quota increased after protests by fishers” 13 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Ellis E “Initiate deaths should be followed by murder charges — Eastern Cape premier” 14 December 2021

The Conversation: Knight M “Moving African rhinos: what it takes to translocate an endangered species” 15 December 2021

Climate Change and Energy

Daily Maverick: Langa L “Environment department blocks another gas-to-power floating plant” 15 December 2021

Lexology Baker McKenzie: Whyte K and Omar Z “South Africa: Green hydrogen policy – a rapidly growing timeline of important developments” 16 December 2021

Business Day: Ensor L “New emissions rule ‘may lead to more power cuts’” 15 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Lekalakala M “Six compelling arguments why nuclear energy is spectacularly unfit to power a just transition” 12 December 2021

The Conversation: Crompton R “Explainer: How South Africa’s petrol price is set” 14 December 2021

Environmental enforcement

IAIAsa Reminder | Activity 21 of Listing Notice 1 of the EIA Regulations and exemptions under section 106 of the MPRD Act   

“Government Notice No. 517 in Government Gazette No. 44701 of 11 June 2021 provides that activity 21E of Listing Notice 1 will come into effect 6 months after publication of Notice 517, thus on 11 December 2021. Organs of state will, with effect from 11 December 2021, need to apply for environmental authorisation for activities which have been exempted in terms of section 106(1) of the MPRDA from the provisions of sections 16, 20, 22 and 27 of the MRPDA, that have not commenced on that date. Note that where other listed or specific activities have been triggered by the development in question (under the 2017 amendments) such would be deemed as unlawfully commenced with.

Activity 21E of LN1 will only be triggered for activities commencing on or after 11 December 2021. If an organ of state has commenced with the use of a borrow pit before the effective date of 11 December 2021, environmental authorisation will not be required for the current operations covered in the scope of the approved EMPr (under the MPRDA).

Where there are changes/expansion to the operation that occur after the effective date of 11 December 2021 i.e. changes that were not applied for and not authorized in the EMPr (under the MPRDA), then environmental authorisation will need to be applied for any listed or specified activities that are triggered by such changes/expansion.” [IAIAsa 2021/2022 News | 15 December 2021]

Legislation: More changes to Environmental Laws Bill 

“The NCOP’s Land Reform, Environment, Mineral Resources & Energy Committee has proposed a raft of changes to the 2017 National Environmental Laws Amendment Bill’s ‘D’ version, which has been returned to the National Assembly. Many of the amendments mooted have implications for activities undertaken during mineral and petroleum resource development. Others affect the treatment of animals under the 2004 National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act; and various activities falling under the 2008 National Environmental Management: Waste Act.” Read full report in Legalbrief Policy Watch 14 December 2021

Local Government

Daily Maverick: Banda M “Joburg mayor takes a hard line on Soweto’s ‘culture of non-payment’ for electricity” 15 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Makhaye C and Mkhize N “Jozini’s new mayor promises to dump dead wood, tap into nearby dam to help thirsty communities” 14 December 2021


Cape Argus: Engel K “Eco activists, groups clap back at Minister Mantashe’s criticisms over protests against Shell’s seismic surveys” 13 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Bezuidenhout J “Optimum Coal: NPA’s Hermione Cronje wants curator to step in to protect ‘interest of the State’” 10 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Evans J “New documentary highlights mining destruction on South Africa’s West Coast” 14 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Sgqolana T “Eastern Cape Cabinet supports Shell’s Wild Coast seismic survey” 14 December 2021

TimesLive: “Mantashe equates Shell survey protests to ‘second Nongqawuse moment’ for Eastern Cape” 15 December 2021

Lexology Herbert Smith Freehils: Leyden P and Leon P “Snapshot: environmental regulations for mining activities in South Africa” 27 May 2021

TimesLive: “Deaths in SA mines increase, industry agrees to remedial action” 13 December 2021

Fin24: Steyn L “Coal-mining community tells NPA to butt out of Optimum sale” 14 December 2021

Fin24: Khumalo S “Mantashe and Shell blasted in court: ‘Consultations were complete sham’” 17 December 2021

Fin24: Magubane K “Kumba Iron Ore enters R1.6bn community-based joint venture” 17 December 2021

Water, Waste, Oceans and Chemicals

Lexology Fasken: Joubert F “A South African Perspective on Water Rights” 29 November 2021


Daily Maverick: Mtero F. Ramantsima K and Gumede N “The government should establish proper pro-poor land reform instead of fiddling with the Constitution” 15 December 2021

SAGGA: Re: Inefficient Stock Size Usage and Wastage of Building Glass Products
“The South African Glass and Glazing Association (SAGGA) would like to focus your attention and implore for your assistance in regard to wastage in building glass products due to uneconomical usage of standard glass stock sheets. A massive amount of energy is required to melt silica sand and other by-products to produce flat building glass. With the global increase of gas and electricity on an unprecedented scale, the cost of producing this important construction material is increasing dramatically. Processing of glass into a laminated or toughened product requires further heating, and other procedures which consumes additional energy. The only building glass which is readily recycled in South Africa is normal monolithic annealed glass, also known as float glass without any interlayer found in most safety glass laminates. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in the USA estimates that it takes a minimum of 1 million years for glass to decompose in landfill sites. All building glass is produced in standard stock sheet sizes. Some of these flat glass products are very specialized and needs to be imported, limiting the availability of different stock sizes. A question that begs to be answered, is the designer aware of these stock sizes when specifying the windows, doors, or facades? Our members are increasingly coming across glass sizes on building contracts which attract poor yields from standard stock sheet sizes. They have reported pricing schedules, where glass is specified in wasteful sizes from stock sheets, sometimes more than 50%. This means that more than half of the stock sheet will be dumped in a landfill site. With the high energy usage to manufacture these glass products, we are not assisting the planet when we discuss energy usage in the built environment. There seems to be growing ignorance that by not working around standard stock sheet sizes unnecessary wastage and added inflationary costs are incurred. There is a misconception is that glass companies keep offcuts to use later, this is largely untrue as these glass companies simply do not have space to store them in the hope that another project might come along using the same type of glass. Poor utilisation of glass stock sizes results in added costs. Please could you make your members aware of this situation through your perspective institutes / associations we respectfully ask that standard glass stock sizes are considered prior to glass being specified on building contracts.”


Biodiversity, Soil, Protected Areas and Culture

Orion Magazine: Dowie M “Conservation Refugees”

Daily Maverick: Pinnock D “Namibia’s community wildlife conservation system has come off the rails, investigation shows” 14 December 2021

The Conversation: Braczkowski AR “From Chad’s elephants to Uganda’s shoebills: planning a trip to support tourism recovery” 14 December 2021

Climate Change and Energy

The East African: “Ugandan Parliament passes EACOP law” 10 December 2021 [IBA Legalbrief Africa 13 December 2021]

Lexology: “Germany’s Green Hydrogen Revolution: Key Partnerships in the Making” [with Africa] 10 December 2021


Lexology: “Spotlight: Mining law in the Democratic Republic of the Congo” 10 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Harrisberg K “Dump diamonds for digital? Botswana bets on tech” 16 December 2021

Water, oceans, waste and chemicals

International Water Law Project Blog: Eckstein G “U.S. Supreme Court Issues Decision in First Ever Dispute Over Interstate Groundwater – Implications for International Law” 13 December 2021


Daily Maverick: Morrow R “Levelling-up with Brussels: The European Union’s Global Gateway is good news for Africa” 14 December 2021

IBA Pro Bono Committee launches Africa survey

The IBA’s Pro Bono Committee has launched a short survey to gauge the status of pro bono work across Africa. To participate please click here. The closing date is Monday 17 January 2022.

The purpose of the survey is to gain an understanding of where in Africa free legal advice or representation is being given by legal professionals in the public interest and to gather basic information about such contributions. Also, where IBA members are not performing pro bono work, it is hoped the survey will provide insights as to the reasons why this is so, and opportunities for IBA engagement to foster a culture of pro bono work on the African continent. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Advance thanks for giving your time to this research.


Biodiversity, Protected Areas, and Culture

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Southeast Asia’s Most (Un)Wanted: Invasive Species and Threats to Agriculture and Aquaculture” 14 December 2021

Science: Kornei K “‘False’ tree rings could provide a new record of long-ago hurricanes – Tree rings can reveal changes in storm frequency over millennia”17 December 2021

The Conversation: Watson S-A, Cook J and Mei Lin Neo “Our iconic giant clams face new threats from warmer waters and acidic oceans – let’s buy them time” 13 December 2021

Climate Change and Energy

Lexology: “The Big Conversation podcast: the transition to net zero” 9 December 2021

Lexology: “How Private Capital Is Shaping the Energy Evolution” [USA]  9 December 2021

Lexology: “Proposal Amending the Renewable Energy Directive” [EU] 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Proposal to Enhance Energy Efficiency” [EU] 10 December 2021

Lexology: “FERC Approves $300,000 Settlement Between ReliabilityFirst and Ohio Valley Electric Corp. for Violations of NERC Reliability Standards” [USA] 13 December 2021

Lexology: “Gas Industry – Voluntary Code of Conduct” [Australia] 13 December 2021

Lexology: “Three success factors for Battery Energy Storage System projects” [Australia] 13 December 2021

Carbon Pulse: “Western Australia to release 3 mln hectares of land for carbon farming” 15 December 2021

Carbon Pulse: “EU lawmakers strike deal on cross-border energy projects” 15 December 2021

Montel: “Germany approves closure of 0.5 GW coal plants” 15 December 2021

Reuters: “Spain to extend energy bill tax cuts until May 2022” 15 December 2021

Reuters: “Five companies seek to develop CO2 storage off Norway” 15 December 2021

eia: “Of the operating U.S. coal-fired power plants, 28% plan to retire by 2035” 15 December 2021

Bloomberg law: Moore D “New York OKs Exelon Spin-off, Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants” 16 December 2021

The Strait Times: “HSBC releases revised coal exit plan, green groups say it lacks urgency” 15 December 2021

The Age: Milne P “Woodside’s two emissions tales crash and burn” [Australia] 16 December 2021

CleanEnergyWire: Meza E “Prices and costs of e-cars reach level of combustion engine cars – think tank” 16 December 2021

Reuters: Scuffham M “Goldman Sachs sets 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets” 16 December 2021

Lexology: “Japanese Law Update #7: Japan to Launch an Experimental Carbon Market in 2022” 15 December 2021

Lexology: “Climate Refugees: A 21st Century Crisis” 13 December 2021

Lexology: “The Energy Regulation and Markets Review: European Union” 16 December 2021

Lexology: “The French climate law and the world of work” 15 December 2021

Lexology: “A role for coal?” [UK/Global]15 December 2021

Renew Economy: Mazengarb M “Massive $15bn Desert Bloom green hydrogen project gets planning fast track” [Australia] 13 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Cookman L “Land disputes, climate change pressure Turkish nomads to settle” 1 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Isbrucker A and Holeyman M “Why cutting methane emissions is key to fighting climate change”

Reuters: Nienaber M “Germany boosts its climate fund with 60 bln euro injection” 13 December 2021

Carbon Pulse: “Global coal generation to bounce back from last year’s Covid-19 slump to reach all time high in 2021, IEA says” 17 December 2021

Carbon Pulse: “Switzerland tries again on climate policy after voter rejection” 17 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Ministerial Statement Seeks to Phase out Fossil Fuel Subsidies” 15 December 2021

Environmental Enforcement

Lexology: “Climate litigation against auto industry switching to the fast lane?” 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Alberta’s New Liability Management Framework” [Canada] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Agreements subject to environmental conditions: A cautionary tale” [Canada] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Updated ASTM Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Just Released” [USA] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (Cth) Reforms in Force” [Australia] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Australian Court Grants Shareholders Access to Bank’s Internal Documents to Assess Alignment with Climate Change Commitments” 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Clean Air Bill 2021 tightens air pollutant emission standards for NSW’s coal-fired power stations” [Australia] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Climate Change Class Action Relating to Australian Sovereign Bonds Permitted to Proceed”

Lexology: “New York Becomes the Third State to Adopt a Constitutional Green Amendment” [USA] 10 December 2021

Lexology: “EPA Puts Natural Gas Facilities on its “Naughty” List for 2022” [USA] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “EU Adopts Environmental Performance Benchmark” 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Land Court of Queensland finds that further particulars are not required to articulate human rights objections to an application for a mining lease for a thermal coal mine in the Galilee Basin” [Australia] 13 December 2021

Daily Maverick: Van Diemen E “The ethics of eco-sabotage: Is it ever worth blowing up power stations in an act of environmental activism?” 15 December 2021

Lexology: “Legislative Update Report No. 2021-23 Le Bulletin d’actualités législatives” 8 December 2021

Lexology: “The year in review – A look at NSW planning and environment law in 2021” [Australia]16 December 2021

Lexology: “Governance News 15 December 2021” [Australia] 15 December 2021

Wbur: Sharp D “Judge won’t intervene to let Maine power line construction resume” 17 December 2021

Reuters: “Norway grants $111 mln to clean hydrogen, ammonia projects” 17 December 2021

The Business Times: Lim R “SGX rolls out mandatory climate reporting for financial, energy issuers from 2023” [Singapore] 15 December 2021

Local government

Lexology: “Draft NSW Design and Place SEPP heralds major changes and reveals some surprises” [Australia] 13 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Using Seismic Data to Track Pandemic Lockdowns” 13 December 2021

Lexology: “California regulations on diverting organic waste go into effect January 1: new rules affect municipalities and food sector, bring opportunities for composting and biofuel businesses” 16 December 2921

Lexology: “New Jersey Court Holds Property Buyer’s Consent to Institutional Controls is Binding on Subsequent Buyer” 15 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Sherfinski D “Electric vehicle and ‘compact’ city combo could reach emissions targets” 9 December 2021

The Conversation: Joseph N et al “Machines, inventions and ‘good cities’: a pick of science and tech books” 13 December 2021


The Conversation: Thomas EA “Deep-sea mining may wipe out species we have only just discovered” 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Mining 2021 – Market windows and accessing capital” [Canada] 8 December 2021

Lexology: “Spotlight: Mining law in Australia” 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Spotlight: Mining in Canada” 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Spotlight: Mining in Brazil” 10 December 2021

Lexology: “Critical minerals and metals sector gets major boost from new NSW strategy” [Australia] 9 December 2021

Lexology: “Sweden’s cement debacle – a hardening experience” 13 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Zuker F “Amazon tribe suffers mercury contamination as illegal mining spreads” 17 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Nagaraj A “Court win for Indian farmer raises hope for villages hit by coal mining” 17 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: “World coal power demand to hit new high after China, India, U.S. surge – IEA” 17 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: “’No deal here’: Peru communities, Hochschild on collision path over mine closures” 15 December 2021

The Guardian: Milman O “Revealed: Biden administration was not legally bound to auction gulf drilling rights” 13 December 2021

Is anyone surprised?

“A provision to ban new offshore drilling off the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts permanently has been stripped from Democrats’ $2.2 bln climate change and social spending bill after objections from conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of coal state West Virginia, reports the New York Times. According to “two people with knowledge of the latest draft of the bill”, the paper says that “Manchin has also raised concerns about a provision that would cancel drilling leases and block future oil and gas extraction in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge”, although that remained in the draft legislation as of yesterday. In addition to “being a priority for Democrats”, the offshore drilling ban “also drew some support from coastal Republicans concerned about the potential for oil spills to damage their tourism and fishing industries”, the paper says. President Biden acknowledged this week that his Build Back Better Act, which among its climate provisions features a methane fee and clean energy tax credits, was unlikely to pass the Senate by year-end, with Manchin withholding his support from the bill against the objections of nearly the entirety of his party.” (Carbon Brief) [CP Daily: Friday December 17, 2021]

Water, Oceans, Waste and Chemicals

Lexology: “Barge Owner Pays $15.3 Million to Settle Suit over Oil Spill that Contaminated 160 Miles of Coastline” [Canada] 9 December 2021

IISD ENB: Highlights and images of main proceedings for 10 December 2021 | Antalya, Turkey – 9 decisions reached – read them on this site

Lexology: “District Court Addresses Definition of Disposal and Compliance with NCP in Ruling on CERCLA Summary Judgment Motions” 10 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “GEF Council Work Program Features Chemicals and Waste and International Water Projects” 13 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Decade Actions Explore the Deep” 14 December 2021

Lexology: “The year in review: A look at the NSW waste industry in 2021” [Australia]15 December 2021

Lexology: “Staying in the system: Victoria’s vision for a circular economy” [Australia] 15 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Roasa D “Opinion: How a Laos dam collapse exposes flaws in ESG investments” 16 December 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Bendana C “As floods worsen, Uganda moves to protect its vanishing wetlands” 29 November 2021

Science: Voosen P “Ice shelf holding back keystone Antarctic glacier within years of failure – Breakup of the Thwaites eastern shelf will ramp up sea level rise” 13 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Ministerial Statement Addresses Plastic Pollution, Plastics Trade” 15 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Study Finds 55 Chemicals of High-Concern Used in Building Materials” 16 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Study Estimates Risk of Chemicals in Products to Young Children” 16 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “GEF Council Work Program Features Chemicals and Waste and International Water Projects” 13 December 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Decade Actions Explore the Deep” 14 December 2021


Vermont Law School’s Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL): Top 10 Environmental Watch List for 2022

Lexology: “ESG best practices and lessons learned from the 2021 legal summit” [Canada] 15 December 2021

Lexology: “Hot Tax Topics for the Industrial sector: ESG and the EU’s environmental tax measures” 16 December 2021

UNESCO: “5th UNESCO Forum on transformative education for sustainable development, global citizenship, health and well-being” 29 November – 1 December 2021 – videos here

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Ministerial Statement Highlights Environmentally Sustainable Trade” 15 December 2021

Conferences, Workshops, Study Opportunities


CBSS Water Governance Training Course – dates for 2022
Defeating the effects of COVID, we have presented two very successful in-person training courses in Water Governance during 2021!
Dates for 2022 courses:

Course costs differ, depending on the city, and can be found here. Discounts are available for Early Bird payments, bona fide students, WISA members, and group registrations. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis, seating is limited to 25 delegates per course. If you would like secure your seat, please complete our registration form without delay. Register today.

Imbewu Webinars and Training Courses
IMBEWU intends conducting a 2½ hour webinar focusing on certain key aspects associated with proposed wind energy projects in South Africa such as:

  • An update on, and lessons learnt from recent NEMA appeals and judicial review applications against the issuing of environmental authorisations;
  • The effect of NEMA appeals and judicial reviews on the REIPPPP bidding process;
  • An in-depth analysis and discussion of applicable appeal decisions made by the Environment Minister during 2020 and 2021; and
  • The legal effect of the non-approval, by the Competent Authority, of draft EMPRs and layout plans at the same time as the granting of an environmental authorisation.

Kindly indicate via return email if you would be interested in participating in the webinar, the cost of which is currently estimated to be R1 250.00 which will include copies of all the Environment Minister’s wind energy related appeal decisions referred to during the webinar. Once we are satisfied that there is sufficient interest in the webinar, we will proceed to finalise the programme, set a date and open the registration process. Contact for more information

SAEEC Training 2022

  • AEE Training Sessions
  •            14-15 FEBRUARY 2022 -CEM Revision Session
    16-17 FEBRUARY 2022 – CEA Revision Session
    18 FEBRUARY 2022- CMVP Revision Session
    18 FEBRUARY 2022- Certification Renewal Round (REN1)
    7-12 MARCH 2022 – Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
    10-12 MAY 2022- Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)
    13 MAY 2022- Certification Renewal Round (REN2)
    17-20 MAY 2022- Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)
    24-26 MAY 2022 – Certified Lighting Energy Professional (CLEP)
    6-11 JUNE 2022 – Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
    16-17 AUGUST 2022 – Certified Carbon Auditing Professional (CAP)
    22-26 AUGUST 2022 – Certified Industrial Energy Professional (CIEP)
    6-8 SEPTEMBER 2022- Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP)
    12-16 SEPTEMBER 2022 – Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP)
    16 SEPTEMBER 2022- Certificate Renewal Rounds (REN3)
    4-7 OCTOBER 2022 – Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)
    11-13 OCTOBER – Certified Measurement And Verification (CMVP)
    7-11 NOVEMBER 2022– Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
    21-24 NOVEMBER 2022 – Certified Renewable Energy Professional (REP)
    25 NOVEMBER 2022- Certification Renewal Round (REN4)
    In-Class Training:
    14-18 MARCH 2022 – Bloemfontein
    23-27 MAY 2022- Potchefstroom
    25-29 JULY 2022- Potchefstroom
    1-5 AUGUST 2022-Bloemfontein
    5-9 SEPTEMBER 2022 -Bloemfontein
    24-28 OCTOBER 2022- Potchefstroom
    Live Online Training:
    Theoretical session Part 1: 1-2 February 2022
    Theoretical Session Part 2: 8-9 February 2022
    Practical Session: 10-11 February 2022 (JHB)
    Theoretical session Part 1: 1-2 March 2022
    Theoretical Session Part 2: 8-9 March 2022
    Practical Session: 10-11 March 2022 (JHB)
    Theoretical session Part 1: 13-14 September 2022
    Theoretical Session Part 2: 20-21 September 2022
    Practical Session: 22-23 September 2022 (JHB)
    Theoretical session Part 1: 29-30 November – 2022
    Theoretical Session Part 2: 6-7 December 2022
    Practical Session: 08-09 December 2022
    Photo Votaic / Solar Courses
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 13-14 January 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 10-11 February 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 3- 4 March 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 7-8 April 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 11-12 May 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 8-9 June 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 07-08 July 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 03-04 August 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 01-02 September 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 11-12 October 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 08-09 November 2022
    Online Excel Solar PV Course 01-02 December 2022
    Contact: Thieda Ferreira Email:   |Contact: +27 84 011 5500

IST-Africa 2022 – Call for Papers – Deadline extended to 31 December 2021

IST-Africa 2022 Call for Papers invites full papers (8 pages in length) using the paper guidelines and IST-Africa template provided here to be submitted online for blind peer review by the extended deadline of 31 December. More information

Vacancies, Bursaries, Funding, Opportunities, etc.


Biodiversity Law Centre: recruitment of Non-executive directors
To apply: please send a cover letter and CV to /
More information
Closing date: 7 January 2022 – find the advert here

SKAO Legal Manager SKA Observatory Cape Town
SKAO is an IGO coordinating a global effort to deliver one of the largest science facilities on earth. The Legal Manager will provide advice to the SKAO Team in South Africa and other international colleagues; consulting on matters locally, and the establishment of the SKAO, its construction and operation in South Africa.

  • South African High Court admitted Attorney/Advocate, with right of appearance in the High Court, and with a valid practise certificate
  • Extensive experience in South African corporate, commercial and labour law, including litigation

More information

Warburton Attorneys Inc Candidate Attorney and Junior Associate
A Johannesburg based law firm specialising in environmental law, is expanding and is inviting suitable applicants to submit their CVs for positions that are currently available at the candidate attorney and junior associate levels. The ideal applicants should already have a Master’s degree in environmental law; however, we will consider applicants who are in the process of obtaining their Masters degree in environmental law. Consideration will also be given to applicants who can readily demonstrate that they have extensive experience in the application of environmental law in the South African context. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and a keen interest in environmental law are absolute requirements.
If you meet the above requirements, then please submit a CV together with a short cover letter and your academic record to

IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd: Paralegal
A Johannesburg based environmental law consultancy, is looking for a para-legal with excellent IT skills and a keen and demonstrable interest in environmental law. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are an absolute requirement for the role.
If you meet the above requirements, then please submit a CV together with a short cover letter and your academic record to

Vacancy: Environmental Consultant – Social Scientist : South Africa
Closing Date: 7 January 2022

Conservation Impact Director GVI – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Remote
More information

Data Centrix Sector Specialist – Energy Midrand, Gauteng
More information

Foreign & Commonwealth Office: Infrastructure Sector Director – Department for International Trade (34/21 JHB)
More information

Takeda Pharmaceutical Legal Counsel – Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng
More information


Call for applications for the GPODS Fellowship
Final deadline on January 15, 2021. The Fellowship will especially be useful for sustainability/public policy/IR students and professionals with specific networking opportunities and mentorship.
Request for Proposals for Entrepreneurship Researchers, Opening Jan. 18, 2022

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation 2022 Kauffman Knowledge Challenge
This January, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation will launch the 2022 Kauffman Knowledge Challenge Request for Proposals (RFP).
The goal of this RFP is to support research that improves our understanding of entrepreneurship and generates practical, actionable, and rigorous evidence to inform decision making and change systems.
There are two focus areas that applicants will be asked to choose from:

– Systems and structures to support inclusive prosperity: This area will explore the infrastructure needed to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

– Equitable opportunities and the future of work: This area will explore how entrepreneurial activity might be structured as the economy emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research findings will be shared with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial support organizations, community leaders, and policymakers.
The RFP opens Jan. 18, 2022 and closes Feb. 28, 2022.
Submissions/Further Information: More information about this RFP is available here

The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Faculty of Law Professor(s) / Associate Professor(s) / Assistant Professor(s)
 The at the Chinese University of Hong Kong invites applications for Professor(s) / Associate Professor(s) / Assistant Professor(s) (Ref: 210002TS) (Closing date: January 31, 2022).
The Faculty of Law (CUHK LAW) is one of the most dynamic and successful law schools in Asia. Since admitting its first cohort of students in 2006, CUHK LAW has grown significantly in scale and reputation. In 2021-22, CUHK LAW has more than 1,500 students enrolled in its programmes (LLB, LLM, JD, PCLL and MPhil / PhD). In 2018 CUHK LAW was the most international law school globally according to the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking exercise. CUHK LAW’s strength in research was recognised in the 2014 and the 2020 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) conducted by the Hong Kong University Grants Committee when CUHK LAW was ranked ahead of all other law schools in Hong Kong. In the 2020 RAE 83% of the CUHK LAW research activity was rated as “world leading” or “internationally significant”. CUHK LAW has a strong international outlook with over twenty jurisdictions reflected (by origin or training) in its academic staff. CUHK LAW is committed to fostering diversity in its recruitment and encourages applications from all candidates whose background and experience will enhance the diversity of its faculty.
Further Information: Further information about CUHK LAW is available at:
General: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/law/
Research Excellence: https://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/app/research-excellence/
Teaching Excellence: https://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/app/teaching-excellence/
Closing date: 31 January 2021
Applicants who would like to discuss the openings informally are invited to contact the Faculty Dean at
Application Procedure: Applicants should complete the online application form and upload a full curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching, a statement of research, a publication list and/or abstracts of selected published papers, copies of qualification documents, and contact details of three referees who have agreed to provide references.
The University only accepts and considers applications submitted online for the post above. For more information and to apply online, please visit http://career.cuhk.edu.hk

DePaul University College of Law Full-Time Faculty
DePaul University College of Law invites applications for a full-time faculty position expected to begin July 1, 2022. We have a particular need in the area of Constitutional Law and related subjects. DePaul College of Law is dedicated to fostering an equitable and inclusive academic community. We enthusiastically encourage applicants who would enrich the diversity of our community to apply.
Required Qualifications: All candidates must hold a J.D. or equivalent degree, with preference for lateral candidates who have previously taught constitutional law or related subjects.
Application Procedure: Applicants need to submit an application as set forth here
For full consideration, application should be received by January 7, 2022.
About The Organization: DePaul Law is committed to improving society by educating purpose-driven lawyers who will serve their clients, the legal profession, and the broader society in ways that enhance access to justice and promote equitable policies and processes. To learn more about the College, please visit https://law.depaul.edu/Pages/default.aspx

George Washington University Law School Assistant Dean (and Program Director), Business and Finance Law Program
George Washington University Law School invites applications for an Assistant Dean (and Program Director).
Minimum Qualifications: Qualified candidates will hold a terminal degree in an appropriate area of specialization. Degree must be conferred by the start date of the position. Degree requirements may be substituted with an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
Preferred Qualifications: – J.D. degree strongly preferred.
– Significant experience in legal education and/or law practice in business and finance law, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines within these fields and familiarity with the work of lawyers in those fields.
– A personal profile that includes significant demonstrated achievements and strong visibility in the private, academic, nonprofit, and/or government sectors in the fields of business and finance law.
– Familiarity with major federal financial regulatory agencies and other national/international government and professional legal organizations involved in business and finance law.
– Previous experience in program administration, fundraising, public service and/or public relations.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
– Ability to supervise subordinates constructively and effectively.
– Ability to work and partner with members of the BFL Program faculty on joint programming efforts and the promotion of scholarship and public outreach by faculty and students.
– Demonstrated administrative and management experience and capabilities.
Application Procedure: Documents needed to apply:
– Required Documents; Cover Letter; Resume
Apply here: https://www.gwu.jobs/login
Application deadline: 31 Dec 2021

Technical Specialist, Biodiversity & Nature-based Solutions, Fauna & Flora International – Cambridge/Remote (UK)

Manager, Carbon & Reforestation Portfolio, Aspiration – Los Angeles/Remote

Technical Specialist, Biodiversity & Nature-based Solutions, Fauna & Flora International – Cambridge/Remote (UK)



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