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26 September 2021



Marine Living Resources Act 18 of 1998 – GN 889 in GG 45180 of 20 September 2021 – Draft Policy for the Transfer of Commercial Fishing Rights, 2021 and draft Sector-Specific Policies for the Fishing Rights Allocation Process of 2021/2022 – for comment



Water Research Act 34 of 1971 – GN 874 in GG 45175 of 17 September 2021 – Water
Research Fund: Water Research Levy rates and charges increased with effect from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

International Trade Administration Act 71 of 2002 – Gen Notice 576 in GG 45207 of 22 September 2021 – International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC): Amended Guidelines, Rules and Conditions Pertaining to Certificates Issued under Paragraph (a) of Rebate Item 412.11/00.00/01.00 for Goods Imported for the Relief of Distress of Persons in Cases of Famine or other National Disaster

Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012 – BN 126 in GG 45208 of 23 September 2021 – Notice of publication for comment of proposed amendments to the JSE Debt Listings Requirements – Sustainability


Western Cape

Heritage Western Cape – PN 110 in PG 8495 of 23 September 2021 – Exemption of the geographical area for the Parow Station Precinct situated in Parow, Cape Town from the requirements of section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999


Gauteng Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Act 10 of 1998 and Local Government: Municipal System Act 32 of 2000 – LAN 1077 in PG 319 of 22 September 2021 – City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality – Disaster & Emergency Management Services Department: Notice to comment on the Draft Emergency Services By-law

Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 – LAN 1116 in PG 319 of 22
September 2021 – Midvaal Local Municipality: Outdoor Advertising By-law





Minerals Council of South Africa v Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and Others (20341/19) [2021] ZAGPPHC 623 (21 September 2021)

“Summary: Statutory interpretation – section 100(2) of the Mineral and Petroleum
Resources Development Act (“MPRDA”) – in light of the language of section 100(2) of the MPRDA. Its ordinary meaning, the context in which it appears and the apparent purpose for which it is directed, section 100(2) of the MPRDA does not empower the Minister of Mineral Resources to make law. Therefore, the 2018 Mining Charter is not binding subordinate legislation but an instrument of policy. This interpretation is consistent with the objects of the MPRDA as called for by section 4(1) thereof.”

Karoo Wilddienste (Pty) Ltd v Griqwaland West Cooperative Limited (141/2016) [2021]
ZANCHC 42 (17 September 2021)
“2. The litigation arises out of an auction conducted by the defendant at the behest of the plaintiff on the plaintiff’s property, on the 16 May 2015. The auction involved the sale of certain wild game. The wild game on auction were divided into two categories. The first being ‘boma game’, which were sold, paid for, and essentially delivered after the fall of the hammer. The second category being ‘catalogue’ game. The catalogue game was sold at the fall of the hammer, but a 25% deposit was payable on the day of the sale and delivery was to take place later in the year. There were other terms alleged in the pleadings and in the plaintiff’s evidence, inter alia that an invoice was to be delivered to the purchaser of each respective lot of catalogue game within a week of the sale. These additional terms are in dispute.
3. The present litigation involves two different lots of catalogue game that the defendant sold on behalf of the plaintiff at the said auction. The first lot that forms the basis of the current dispute was sold to the second third party. This lot consisted of 5 bontebokke which were sold at auction to the second third party. In respect of this lot the second third party’s winning bid was in the amount of R650,000.00 (six hundred and fifty thousand Rand). The second lot that also forms part of the current dispute consisted of a female black impala that was advertised as being a certain age at the time of the sale and would be pregnant at the time of delivery. This lot was sold to the first third party for the amount of R450,000.00 (four hundred and fifty thousand Rand). Collectively, I shall refer to the first and second third parties as the purchasers.”



Badenhorst PJ “The nature and features of ‘unused old order rights’ under the MPRDA revisited: The story of Gouws’ farm” 2021 138(3) South African Law Journal

Strydom M “A critique on privately prosecuting the holder of ‘after the fact’ environmental authorisations: Uzani Environmental Advocacy CC v BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd” 2021 138(3) South African Law Journa

Thaldar DW and Steytler M “Time for Cinderella to go to the ball: reflections on the right to freedom of scientific research” 2021 138(2) South African Law Journal 258–286  [open access]


Rogers N Law, Climate Emergency and the Australian Megafires (Routledge 2021)

Epstein K, Von Essen E and Wilmer H “The Emotional Dimensions of Animal Disease
Management: A Political Ecology Perspective for a Time of Heightened Biosecurity” 2021 Front Hum Dyn https://doi.org/10.3389/fhumd.2021.640119 [AHEAD Update – 2021 (No. 3)]

Heermans B et al “Husbandry and Herding: A Community-Based Approach to Addressing Illegal Wildlife Trade in Northern Botswana. Frontiers in Conservation Science” 2021 Front Hum Dyn https://doi.org/10.3389/fcosc.2021.675493 [AHEAD Update – 2021 (No. 3)]

Connolly et al “Coexistence in an African Pastoral Landscape: Evidence that Livestock and Wildlife Temporally Partition Water Resources” 2021 African Journal of Ecology https://doi.org/10.1111/aje.12869 [AHEAD Update – 2021 (No. 3)]

Pozo RA et al “Reconciling Livestock Production and Wild Herbivore Conservation:
Challenges and Opportunities” 2021 Trends in Ecology and Evolution [AHEAD Update – 2021 (No. 3)]

Prepared for the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), “Impacts of Taking, Trade and Consumption of Terrestrial Migratory Species for Wild Meat” 2021

News, Blogs, Discussions, Websites, Videos, ETC

South Africa

Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Culture

The Conversation: Tlou Masehela “What honeybees in South Africa need from people: better managed forage” 30 August 2021

Daily Maverick: Begg A “Wupperthal: First the residents of this historic Western Cape village fought the flames; now they fight for their homes” 13 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Julian Rademeyer and Dr Jo Shaw “Saving rhinos is a litmus test for tackling organised crime and corruption in South Africa” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Shaun Smillie “Poachers target private reserves after the number of incidents drops in national parks” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Ethan van Diemen “World Rhino Day: Kruger National Park population numbers may have dropped to lowest yet” 22 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Sheree Bega “Environmentalists are trying to save South Africa’s obscure endangered species” 24 September 2021

Climate Change and Energy

The Conversation: Anton Eberhard “South Africa’s troubled power utility is being reset: CEO sets out how” 20 September 2021

The Conversation: Awaysheh A “More companies pledge ‘net-zero’ emissions to fight climate change, but what does that really mean?” 20 September 2021

CER: (Author not cited) “#CancelCoal coalition demands government cancel plans for new coal-fired power or face court challenge” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Julia Evans “Students demand that Wits adopts Climate Justice Charter” 21 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Tunicia Phillips “New clean fuel standards could be the end of refineries and lead to job losses” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Julia Evans “Gwede must go! Activists voice demands on renewable energy and community consent in mining” 22 September 2021

Department: Forestry, Fisheries & Environment: (Author not cited) “Important climate change measures for South Africa adopted by Cabinet” 22 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Ed Stoddard “Sasol charts green transition with no investment in new coal reserves” 22 September 2021

The Conversation: Inglesi-Lotz R “Energy transitions: The role of institutions and market structures” 22 September 2021

Carbon Pulse: (Author not cited) “South Africa adopts deeper 2030 emissions target, Sasol aims for net zero” 23 September 2021

GroundUp: Liezl Human “Fishing communities fear their livelihoods are threatened by Karpowership plan” 23 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Sheree Bega “Sasol commits to net zero ambition by 2050, triples 2030 emission reduction targets” 23 September 2021

CER: (Author not cited) “Cabinet’s more ambitious climate target a step in right direction” 23 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Tembile Sgqolana “Mantashe must abandon plans to develop 1,500MW of coal-powered electricity, or face court case, say activists” 23 September 2021

GroundUp: Ashraf Hendricks “Hundreds demand action against climate change outside Parliament” 24 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Sheree Bega “South Africa breaking more temperature records than expected” 24 September 2021

Environmental enforcement

eCNA: “Nersa approves generation licenses for Karpowership SA” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Tony Carnie “Karpowership wins last-minute Nersa approval – but environment minister Barbara Creecy is yet to weigh in” 21 September 2021

Local Government

Daily Maverick: Kaunda L “Public participation platform: Municipalities must actively engage with citizens on social media” 12 September 2021

amaBhungane: Comrie S and Van Rensburg D “UPL chemical catastrophe: Durban residents kept in the dark about the dangers on their doorstep” 20 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Lewis B “Reservoir of knowledge: How we stopped using municipal water and secured an ample, pristine supply” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Ledwaba L “Water and wheelbarrows: Crisis strikes in Limpopo after taps run dry despite billions spent on projects” 21 September 2021

GroundUp: Nokulunga Majola “Taps dry for three weeks in rural KwaZulu-Natal” 21 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Tony Carnie “UPL chemical catastrophe: We must close gaps in law and give communities proper information when disaster strikes” 21 September 2021

GroundUp: Mary-Anne Gontsana “Fifteen years later still no footbridge for Cape Flats’ school children” 22 September 2021


Daily Maverick: Stoddard E “South Africa hasn’t signed up to new extractive sector transparency initiative” 12 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Stoddard E “Policy reform: South Africa’s diamond sector is in the rough” 12 September 2021

The Conversation: Van der Poll HM “Accountants can reduce the environmental impact of mining: pointers for South Africa” 22 September 2021

The Conversation: Van der Poll HM “Accountants can reduce the environmental impact of mining: pointers for South Africa” 22 September 2021

Mining Weekly: Martin Creamer “Long-term supply contracts shielding Sibanye-Stillwater from PGMs price swing” 23 September 2021

Polity: Martin Creamer ”How Exxaro is advancing from coal into global renewable energy” 23 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Sheree Bega “Deep seabed mining a threat to Africa’s coral reefs” 25 September 2021

Water, Waste, Oceans and Chemicals

amaBhungane: Susan Comrie and Dewald van Rensburg “UPL chemical disaster: A gaping legal loophole or jaw-dropping negligence?” 20 August 2021

amaBhungane: Susan Comrie and Dewald van Rensburg “UPL disaster: Initial tests found high levels of arsenic from Durban’s chemical spill” 9 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Grootes S “Politics versus nationwide thirst: Water supply problems could sink South Africa” 13 September 2021

AllAfrica (Daily Maverick): Onke Ngcuka “South Africa to Import Plastic Waste ‘To Meet the Needs of the Industry’” 16 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Lungi Langa “Covid-19 masks are contributing to the burden of water pollution” 19 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Mishi S “We can help alleviate the Eastern Cape’s ‘Day Zero’ water crisis by applying behavioural economics” 21 September 2021

amaBhungane: Susan Comrie and Dewald van Rensburg ”UPL disaster: Residents kept in the dark about dangers on their doorstep” 21 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Pascalinah Kabi “US fashion contaminates Africa’s water” 25 September 2021


Daily Maverick: Lungi Langa “Sparks fly at meeting with rural community over proposed N2 Wild Coast toll road” 13 September 2021

GroundUp: Daniel Steyn “Activists urge Ramaphosa to move N2 Wild Coast Toll Road” 22 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Daniel Steyn “Activists urge Ramaphosa to move N2 Wild Coast Toll Road” 22 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Lizeka Tandwa “EFF produces ambitious manifesto, promising land redistribution” 26 September 2021


Biodiversity, Soil, Protected Areas and Culture

Insights: Steven A. Osofsky “Piecing together an African peace park” 20 August 2021

The Conversation: Lars Laestadius “How countries alongside the Sahara can restore productive land faster” 13 September 2021

AllAfrica (East African): (Author not cited) “Kenya Adopts DNA Barcodes to Protect and Save Fish Resources” 16 September 2021

The Conversation: Eness Paidamoyo Mutsvangwa-Sammie “Zimbabwe had a bumper harvest: what went right and what needs work” 20 September 2021

AllAfrica (The Namibian): Matthew Dlamini “Namibia: UN Summit Focuses On Namibia’s Food Systems” 21 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Marcia Zali “Roads decimate West Africa’s chimpanzee population” 23 September 2021

The Conversation: Susan Canney “Mali’s elephants show how people and nature can share space in a complex world” 26 September 2021

Climate Change and Energy

Lexology Hogan Lovells: Skipper A “Confronting Climate Change in Southern Africa” 15 September 2021

Lexology Herbert Smith Freehills LLP: Leon P, Sweet J and Müller E “Africa’s journey to COP26: The state of play on the continent’s road to meeting its climate obligations” 20 September 2021

Extractives Baraza: (Author not cited) “Minister Seeks UN Financial Support for Power Sector” [Nigeria] 21 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Sipho Kings “Coal gets the cold shoulder as coal power fleets on course to be 56% smaller than expected” 21 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Chukwumerije Okereke “The West owes Africa $100bn (at least) for climate recovery” 24 September 2021

Local government

ICLEI: (Author not cited) “Eight U.S. cities dig in on the SDGs” 14 July 2021

Covenant of Mayors in Southern Africa: (Author not cited) “Putting African voices at the center of COP26” 6 September 2021

Covenant of Mayors in Southern Africa: (Author not cited) “Setting ambitious targets for a climate resilient future in Nakuru county, Kenya” 8 September 2021

ICLEI: (Author not cited) “South American local governments construct public policies for urban food systems” 13 September 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: (Author not cited) “US Cities Launch SDG Plans” 23 September 2021


The Voice: Mmana FB “P26 Million Donated for Community Development” 29 June 2021 [AHEAD Update – 2021 (No. 3)]

IISD Knowledge Hub: (Author not cited) “US Cities Launch SDG Plans” 23 September 2021

Nature.com: Max Kozlov “Resistance to front-line malaria drugs confirmed in Africa” 23 September 2021


Biodiversity, Protected Areas, and Culture

The Conversation: Esther Ndumi Ngumbi “What a warmer, wetter world means for insects, and for what they eat” 30 August 2021

IISD ENB: Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management Wildlife Forum 2021 | 26–27 September 2021 | Budapest, Hungary, and Online

Lexology: “Die opkabi-entscheidung des Supreme Court of the United Kingdom zur internationalen konzernhaftung aus rechtsvergleichender sicht” [The opkabi decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on international corporate liability from a comparative law perspective] 18 September 2021

The Guardian: Phoebe Weston “Vast area of Scottish Highlands to be rewilded in ambitious 30-year project” 23 September 2021

The Guardian: Richard Orange “Sweden’s green dilemma: can cutting down ancient trees be good for the Earth?” 25 September 2021

Climate Change and Energy

Carbon Brief: Marina Baldissera Pacchetti “How to assess regional climate information for adaptation planning” 21 September 2021

Lexology: “Existing SEC Interpretation on Climate Change Disclosures” [USA] 22 September 2021

Lexology: “Prinsjesdag: voorgestelde maatregelen energieheffingen” [Princes Day: proposed measures for energy taxes] [Netherlands] 22 September 2021

IISD ENB: Energy Action Days | 22–23 September 2021 | Online

Carbon Brief : “EU lawmakers plan crunch decisions on climate package for early next year” 22 September 2021

Carbon Brief: Ayesha Tandon “Arctic sea ice summer minimum in 2021 is ‘12th lowest’ on record” 22 September 201

IISD Knowledge Hub: (Author not cited) “Major Economies Preview COP 26 Pledges” 23 September 2021

IISD Knowledge Hub: (Author not cited) “General Debate Begins with Climate Announcements from China, US” 23 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Tunicia Phillips “Adaptation should be central to climate crisis talks. Here’s why” 23 September 2021

Mail&Guardian: Tunicia Phillips “Lower income countries score high in health-aligned climate change policy” 23 September 2021

The Guardian: Damian Carrington “Climate crisis: do we need millions of machines sucking CO2 from the air?” 23 September 2021

The Guardian: Fiona Harvey “Climate funding target for poorer countries ‘likely to be met’ by 2022” 24 September 202

The Guardian: Matthew Taylor “Global climate strike: thousands join coordinated action across world” 24 September 221

IISD ENB: UN General Assembly | High-level Dialogue on Energy | 24 September 2021 | Online

The Guardian : Matthew Taylor “Injunction granted to stop Insulate Britain activists blocking port of Dover” [UK] 24 September 2021

Carbon Brief: Giuliana Viglione “Q&A: How did climate change feature at the UN Food Systems Summit?” 24 September 2021

Clean Energy Wire: Benjamin Wehrmann “Germany heading for three-party government with climate focus after tight elections” 26 September 2021

Mining Weekly (Bloomberg): (Author not cited) “Europe’s energy crisis to hit miners’ long- term power deals, Boliden says” 26 September 2021

US Securities and Exchange Commission: “Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Climate Change Disclosures”

American Carbon Registry: “Improved Forest Management (IFM) on Canadian Forestlands”

Environmental Enforcement

Lexology: “District Courts Disagree (Again) About the Validity of EPA’s Clean Water Act Regulations But This Time It Doesn’t Seem to Matter” 20 September 2021

Lexology: “Climate Litigation in Brazil: New Lawsuit Seeks to Bring Climate Change Discussions to the Core of Environmental Licensing of Carbon-Intensive Activities” 21 September 2021

Lexology: “A new type of litigation risk?” 22 September 2021

The Conversation: Bartington S and Harrison R “Air pollution: most national limits are unsafe for human health – new WHO guidelines” 22 September 2021

Lexology: “Judge says EU court should uphold withdrawal of carbon units from bankrupt airline” 23 September 2021

Lexology: “Germany adopts new environment due diligence law” 23 September 2021

Vermont Law School: “Federal Dereliction of Duty: Environmental Racism Under Covid-19” – find report on the website

Local government

ICLEI: Roberts K “Local green works for global goals: Orlando Releases Voluntary Local Review of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Partnership with ICLEI USA” 13 September 2021

Lexology: “Illinois Poised to become national leader for electric vehicles with passage of clean Energy Bill” [USA] 22 September 2021

ICLEI: “Integrity can put cities back on path to achieve clean water and sanitation for all”


Extractives Baraza: Ahmad Ghaddar “Oil Rises as U.S. Storm Aftermath Squeezes Supply” 21 September 2021

Extractives Baraza: (Author not cited) “Mountaintop Coal Mining Threatens Appalachian Biodiversity” 21 September 2021

Lexology: “ESG: How it Applies to the Oil & Gas Industry and Why It Matters” [USA] 22 September 2021

Lexology: “End of life care: Decommissioning offshore installations” [UK] 22 September 2021

Lexology: “New regime to unlock investment in Australia’s offshore energy projects” 22 September 2021

Lexology: “Recent developments in mining and environmental legislation, September 2021” [Finland] 23 September 2021

Mining Weekly (Reuters): (Author not cited) “IMF to advise Peru on reform to increase mining taxes, says finance minister” 24 September 2021

Mining Weekly: Esmarie Iannucci “Cameco signs MoU to establish uranium supply for Polish reactors” 24 September 2021

Mining Weekly (Reuters): (Author not cited) “Minmetals unit flags China rare earths restructuring” 24 September 2021

Mining Weekly: Esmarie Iannucci “Qld gets new coal mine” [Australia] 24 September 2021

Mining Weekly (Bloomberg): (Author not cited) “Democrats prep a carbon tax as option to pay for Biden’s agenda” 26 September 2021

Mining Weekly (Reuters): (Author not cited) “Australia to play key role in supplying raw minerals to fellow Quad nations” 26 September 2021

Water, Oceans, Waste and Chemicals

The Guardian: Richa Syal “Licence to krill: the destructive demand for a ‘better’ fish oil” 7 September 2021

IISD ENB: Helfenstein K “Healing the Ozone Layer Through Diplomacy” 13 September 2021

The Guardian: Regin Winther Poulsen “Faroes PM pledges dolphin hunt review amid outcry at carnage” 17 September 2021

Lexology: “Prepare for California’s Upcoming Organic Waste and Food Collection Requirements” 20 September 2021

Lexology: “Another Ninth Circuit Clean Water Act Decision Promises More Litigation” 21 September 2021

IISD ENB: Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent | 17th Meeting of the Chemical Review Committee (CRC-17) | 20–24 September 2021 | Online

Lexology: “Recent Federal Court Decision May Expedite Next Round of WOTUS Rulemaking” 22 September 2021

Daily Maverick: Onke Ngcuka “World Health Organization recommends stricter air quality guidelines to combat health and environmental risks” 22 September 2021

Lexology: “A hop, a SCIP, and a jump: New EU database gives consumers access to information on hazardous chemicals in products” 23 September 2021


Lexology: “Disputes in Asia-Pacific construction and infrastructure projects” 7 July 2021

National Geographic: “National Geographic Remaps Solar System Through a Brand-New Digital Interactive Experience” 16 September 2021 [Nicolene Steyn LinkedIn]

IISD ENB: Climate Resilience through the Right to Food: Perspectives on the UN Food Systems Summit | 16 September 2021 | Online – summary report

IISD ENB: High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development – HLPF UN General Assembly | SDG Moment 2021 | 20 September 2021 | Online

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Vaccinations, Climate Action Among 5 Sources of Hope for UNGA76” 20 September 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: Orsini A and Yi hyun Kang “Youth at the HLPF: Facing the Ongoing Challenge of Meaningful Participation” 20 September 2021

Reuters: Milliken D and Bahceli Y “UK’s first green gilt draws record $137 billion demand” 21 September 2021

The Guardian: Anna Turns “‘Revolutionary in a quiet way’: the rise of community gardens in the UK” 21 September 2021

Lexology: “EU Green Deal, sustainability and competition law: European Commission’s policy reforms take shape” 22 September 2021

Nature.com: E. Farrell Helbling “Seed-inspired vehicles take flight” 22 September 2021

Nature.com: Smriti Mallapaty “Closest known relatives of virus behind COVID-19 found in Laos” 24 September 2021

Conferences, Workshops, Study Opportunities


Book Launch and Dialogue: Seeking the Right to Food: Food Activism in South Africa Date: 30 September 2021 from 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Africa/Johannesburg / UTC200) More information and registration [The site also provide access to the book]

Webinar on Demonstration and hands-on workshop on a bioclimatic design toolkit – PyClim
Date: 4 October 2021
Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5199843793270991630 “Around25% of global GHG emissions are due to energy use in buildings, but this can be minimised through good design practice. Understanding where the best carbon-saving opportunities (and the threats due to climate extremes) lie, begins with the analysis of climate. This includes understanding: the severity of solar radiation, temperature, humidity and wind; the need for solar shading to reduced cooling demands and how these devices should be considered; the potential for passive heating, lighting, ventilating and cooling techniques to reduce applied energy demands; the potential for renewable energy technologies, to avoid using energy from the grid to meet these demands. Architecture, architectural engineering and urban design students learn how to analyse climate as part of their studies; and design professionals routinely do this in practice. But existing climate analysis software is either closed source, based on dated technology or is insufficiently comprehensive. To address this, Darren has developed a comprehensive climate analysis toolkit called PyClim, that uses powerful modern graphical and statistical analysis techniques, and is open source. In this session I will introduce the background to and demonstrate the use of PyClim. Participants will then be invited to use PyClim to analyse a climate of their choosing. The session will close with a short feedback session to inform the future development of PyClim.”

FREE WEBINAR: SBE2022 and the Stadio School of Architecture and Spatial design: Practicing for Sustainable Built Environments
This perspective reviews the present. What are current, practical examples worth studying? We invite perspectives on current change makers, local and international. The focus is on case studies that have been implemented in the past ten years and that have made an impact at different scales, from urban to local, detail design strategies
Date: 29 September 2021 @ 16:00-18:00 Registration

North-West University, Faculty of Law: PhD in Law and Development
Applications are done online. Incomplete applications will be rejected. For any further inquiries or assistance to the online application, please contact the postgraduate office via email or call 018 299 1952.

NWU CLES 2nd Annual National Postgraduate Student Conference on Local Government & Urban Governance: Law and Governance in a Pandemic: Towards Safe, Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Cities and Towns”
Dates: 30 November – 2 December 2021
Call for Abstracts

Conservation Symposium: Exploring the Science, Practice and Value of Nature Conservation
Dates: 1-5 November 2021
The ELA will host its own session at the Conference – see information sent in separate email.
Conservation Symposium will be free and online for 2021.
More information

South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC):  10-part series on Climate Change Leadership: Bringing Science, People and Policy Together
14 October 2021: Topic 10: Where to from here? The role of the next generation and their views on a safe and human world for all
More information available on the SAIFAC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SAIFAConline

Faculty of Law at Nelson Mandela University: 5th International Law and Development Research Network Conference: Beyond the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Law and Development
Date: 24-26 November 2021 via our Zoom Platform.
Abstracts are due on 15 September 2021
More information

North-West University LLM/MPhil in Environmental Law and Governance
Read more about the programme or email the Programme Coordinator, Prof Michelle Barnard.
Applications for 2022 close on 31 October 2021
Apply here or email for more information

SBE 2022: Sustainable Built Environments
Date: 22-30 March 2022
Place: Houwhoek Hotel, Elgin-Grabouw Valley, Western Cape, South Africa
More information

The Africa Energy Indaba
Date: 1 – 2 March 2022
More information

The Electricity Forum: How – practically – can government, manufacturing, business and civil society work together to transform our electricity sector to create reliable, clean and affordable energy?
Dates: 28 and 30 September 2021 More information

CBSS Water Governance Training Course – dates for 2022
Defeating the effects of COVID, we have presented two very successful in-person training courses in Water Governance during 2021!
Dates for 2022 courses:
15 – 17 March 2022, in Pretoria
Registration closes 22 February 2022. Last date for Early Bird Discount payment: 1 February 2022.
3 – 5 May 2022, in Paarl, Western Cape
Registration closes 5 April 2022. Last date for Early Bird Discount payment: 22 March 2022.
Course costs differ, depending on the city, and can be found here.
Discounts are available for Early Bird payments, bona fide students, WISA members, and group registrations. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis, seating is limited to 25 delegates per course. If you would like secure your seat, please complete our registration form without delay. Register today.

SAEEC: Certified Energy Auditor
Date: 5-8 October 2021 @ 8:00-17:00 Venue: Virtual Platform – more information
SAEEC: Renewable Energy Professional Date: 12-14 October 2021 @ 08:00-17:00 Venue: Virtual Platform – more information

SAEEC: Measurement & Verification Professional
Date: 9-11 November 2021 @ 08:00-17:00 Venue: Virtual Platform – more information

SAEEC: The SAPVIA Solar PV Greencard Installers Training
Date: 4 – 8 October 2021 @ 0800-17:00
Venue : Potchefstroom (In Class Training Covid permitting) More information

South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC): 10-part series on Climate Change Leadership: Bringing Science, People and Policy Together

  • 30 September 2021: Topic 9: Preparing for COP 26 – What does South Africa want from the COP negotiations?
  • 14 October 2021: Topic 10: Where to from here? The role of the next generation and their views on a safe and human world for all

More information available on the SAIFAC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SAIFAConline

Global Environmental Law Centre (GELC), Applied Constitutional Study Laboratory (ACSL) at the Dullah Omar Institute, Faculty of Law, University of the Western Cape Webinar: Climate Change and Constitutional Law
In March 2021 the German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) found the Federal Climate Change Act (Klimaschutzgesetz) to be partially unconstitutional to the extent that it failed to protect persons from future restrictions that may become necessary after 2030 as the danger of climate change evolves.
In this webinar we talk to one of Germany’s leading scholars of constitutional law and climate change, Prof. Dr. Dr. Felix Ekardt about Germany’s constitutional regime to protect the environment, the decision in the case and its implication for the development of German constitutional law in the area of climate change, and how his own research (Sustainability: Transformation, Governance, Ethics, Law Springer Nature 2019) helped to shape the outcome of the case.
Date: Wednesday 29 September 2021| 14:00 – 16:00 PM (SAST)
More information and registration. For more information contact Valma Hendricks () | Angela Van Der Berg (/ )

National University of Lesotho and University of Johannesburg: Interrogating the construct and Application of SADC Community Law within Members States Towards Achieving Regional Integration
Date: 11 November 2021
Abstracts: 30 September 2021
Abstracts or papers may address the following sub-themes or any other sub-theme related to the overall theme: 1. Peace and Security in the SADC Region 2. Democracy, Elections, Governance and Accountability 3. The Impact of Covid 19 on Social Security within the SADC Region. 4. Covid 19 and regional trade within the SADC: Lessons for the future 5. Technology in times of pandemic: Lessons from the SADC Region
For more information or to send an abstract contact: Adv. Marealeboha Makau at and Dr. Lloyd Chigowe at

Faculty of Law at Nelson Mandela University: 5th International Law and Development Research Network Conference: Beyond the Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Law and Development
Date: 24-26 November 2021 via our Zoom Platform. Abstracts are due on 15 September 2021
More information


North American Wind Energy Academy (NAWEA) 2021 Webinar Series, which is being offered in place of the postponed 2021 conference (now scheduled for fall 2022 at the University of Delaware).
Date: 30 September 2021 from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT.
Information and registration for it and other webinars in the series can be found here. You also can Sign up for updates and reminders from NAWEA.

Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies Polycarbon Webinar: Can a price on carbon drive climate action towards net-zero by 2050?
Date: 29 September 16:00-18:00 CEST Register here and more information

The 7th World One Health Congress: Integrating Science, Policy and Clinical Practice: A One Health Imperative Post-COVID-19
Date: 7-11 November 2022
Place: Sands Expo and Convention Centre and hybrid presentations More information

Melbourne Climate Futures Panel discussion based on Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law 2nd edition (Oxford University Press)
Date: Tuesday 28 September 2021 Time: @ 7pm AEST/10am UK time
For details of the free public webinar and to register, please visit: https://events.unimelb.edu.au/MCF/event/12141-international-environmental-law.

Capping Greenhouse Gases: Oregon’s Climate Protection Program
Date: Tuesday, September 28 at noon PT
Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QUl1FatJRHqmk4-dQGGkig
“The Green Energy Institute (GEI) at Lewis & Clark Law School invites you to an informational webinar explaining the draft regulations that have been proposed to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon in compliance with Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order on Climate Change (EO 20-04). The program, called the Climate Protection Program, will establish a mandatory mechanism to phase out GHG emissions from the state’s transportation and natural gas sectors. Professor Melissa Powers, director of GEI, and Carra Sahler, a staff attorney with GEI, will describe the draft rules’ key regulatory requirements, explain how they will operate in practice, and discuss some related implications for Oregon communities and industries.”

41st Annual Colorado Law Conference on Natural Resources: Equity in the Colorado River Basin: How to Sustainably Manage a Shrinking Resource
Dates: 29 September – 1 October 2021 Programme and registration

University of Houston Law Center: Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Virtual Lecture
Date: 29 September 2021 @ 10 AM U.S. Central Time More information

The Road to COP 26/CMA 3 Preparatory Lecture Series
Date: 8 October 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) The Compensation Question: Loss and Damages by Linda Siegele, Legal Advisor to AOSIS Member States
More information

Daring Cities 2021: The Global Virtual Forum for Urban Leaders Taking on the Climate Emergency
Registration open Dates: 4-8 October 2021
More information
Free registration and participation

World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2021 Global Launch
Date and time: 14 October 2021, 4:00 PM SAST Registration

IAIA Online Training Course: Foundations of Impact Assessment
Dates: 20 September – 10 December 2021 (20-30 hours to complete – fee payable) More information

Vacancies, Bursaries, Funding, Opportunities, etc.


Naspers/Prosus: Intern: Environmental Science, Environmental Studies and Environmental Management
For more information, please visit www.naspers.com.  
What we are looking for? We are on the lookout for a Masters’ Degree graduate to support the Naspers/ Prosus Sustainability team on a variety of data driven projects for a period of one year. We are looking for a candidate that has broad knowledge on a number of areas within sustainability. We’re specifically interested in: Environmental Science ; Environmental Studies ; Environmental Management. You must be in your final year of your Masters’ Degree studies in the relevant fields mentioned above OR have completed your Masters’ Degree and looking to gain short-term practical experience. A solid understanding in greenhouse gases, carbon and energy will be key to this role. You must also have strong analytical skills, be able to manage stakeholder relationships, be flexible in multitasking and meeting project timelines and most importantly, have excellent powerpoint presentation building skills which includes data visualisation and data analytics.

Warburton Attorneys Inc: Candidate Attorney and Junior Associate
Warburton Attorneys Inc, a Johannesburg based law firm specialising in environmental law, is expanding and is inviting suitable applicants to submit their CV’s for positions that are currently available at the candidate attorney and junior associate levels. The ideal applicants should already have a Master’s degree in environmental law, however we will consider applicants who are in the process of obtaining their Master’s degree in environmental law. Consideration will also be given to applicants who can readily demonstrate that they have extensive experience in the application of environmental law in the South African context. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and a keen interest in environmental law are absolute requirements.
If you meet the above requirements, then please submit a CV together with a short cover letter and your academic record to .

IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd: Paralegal with excellent IT skills
IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd, a Johannesburg based environmental law consultancy, is looking for a para-legal with excellent IT skills and a keen and demonstrable interest in environmental law. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are an absolute requirement for the role.
If you meet the above requirements, then please submit a CV together with a short cover letter and your academic record to .

Bosch Group Midrand: Legal Advisor
More information

Dentons Global Associate – Corporate Commercial & Corporate Litigation (Cape Town)
Closing date: 30 September 2021
More information

South African Government Department of Labour: COID Employer Auditor (SR7) East London, Eastern Cape
Closing date: 27 September 2021 More information

University of the Free State: Head: Legal Services, Student Discipline and Mediation
Closing date: 27 September 2021 More information

SANBI Call for postgraduate scholarships 2022
Only related to specific science topics, specific supervisors and universities Closing date: 30 September 2021
More information

University of the Western Cape: Associate Professor/Professor: International law, Public law, Jurisprudence
Closing date: 28 September 2021 More information

GG Financial Recruitment: Law Associate: Corporate & Commercial Cape Town
More information

France – South Africa Scholarship Programme
Directed to South African students who intend to study in universities or higher education institutions in France for their Master’s degree or PhD.
The programme is also open to students from Lesotho.
Closing date: 17 October 2021
The current call for applications is open for students who intend to start their studies in France in September 2022. Applicants will be contacted individually as needed. The list of the laureates and the waiting list will be announced according to the indicated timeline.
Follow-up requests by applicants will not be answered.
Due to the differences between the Southern and Northern hemisphere calendars, laureates will follow a specific programme in South Africa from January to July 2022. This track will include online French courses organized by the network of the Alliances Françaises. It may also include an internship in French Companies based in South Africa, depending on the opportunities and the profile of each laureate.
This call for applications is open to all fields of studies.
Applicants are invited to read carefully the rulebook for the France – South Africa Scholarship Programme and the frequently asked questions. You can also consult the Campus France South Africa website to find more details on higher education institutions and study programmes in France. If you need any help or advice on finding the most appropriate programme for you, you can contact Campus France South Africa.

Supreme Staffing Solutions: Disabled Candidate Attorney
More information

University of the Free State: Associate Professor/Professor in Law
Closing date: 24 September 2021 More information

The Constitutional Court Trust (CCT) is launching a fellowship programme to benefit young lawyers committed to forwarding constitutional and human rights law.
“The fellowship opens to candidates from 2022 and will afford one early career lawyer per year the opportunity to study towards an LLM at University College London (UCL) , one of the top-ranked universities in the world.
The new fellowship is named in memory of the late chief justice Pius Langa. “Justice Langa was not only central to the establishment of the Constitutional Court Trust but, more importantly, his dedication, humility and commitment to the notion that service must be at the heart of leadership are rare qualities we believe young lawyers should be aspiring to emulate in contemporary SA,” said CCT chairperson Justice Sisi Khampepe.
Langa’s family welcomed the establishment of the fellowship, saying: “We look forward to seeing a new generation of lawyers committed to justice and transformation in Africa being developed through this fellowship programme.”
Other fellowships administered by the CCT have been limited to selected former clerks of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court. In the case of this new fellowship, however, the decision was taken to extend this opportunity to include exceptional young South African and African lawyers who have worked for an SA NGO in a legal programme focused on constitutional and human rights law.
Prof David Bilchitz, a trustee of the Constitutional Court Trust and professor at both the University of Johannesburg and the University of Reading, said: “We hope that the opportunity to study for an LLM degree will further contribute to strengthening civil society and its contribution to the advancement of constitutional democracy in our country.”
The fellowship award will be for £20,000 to cover travel and living expenses for the fellow, funded by the CCT’s kindred organisation the UK-based charity the South African Constitutional Court Trust — UK. UCL Faculty of Laws will be providing a full-tuition waiver (2021 value: £28,500) to the fellows selected by the CCT.
Application details can be found here and must be submitted to by email before Sunday, October 3. Interviews of shortlisted candidates will take place virtually in late October.” [Source: TimesLive 31 August 2021]


Alexander von Humboldt Climate Protection Fellowship
Closing date: 1 February 2022 More information

Assistant Professor of Marine Affairs with expertise in Marine and Coastal Law
The Department of Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island Apply at https://jobs.uri.edu/postings/8623

Climate Finance Manager, UpEnergy – Africa/Flexible

Senior Research Analyst, Carbon Markets & Climate Change, Zulu Forest Sciences – London

Paris Region Fellowship Programme
Closing date: 21 October 2021 More information

VIB and Ghent University are launching an international search for a Science Director – Research Professor for the VIB- Ghent University Plant Systems Biology Research Center (PSB)
More information

Postdoctoral Scientist/Research Scientist (m/f/d): Justus Liebig University, Germany More information

Emory University: Assistant or Associate Professor- Environmental Law
Emory University School of Law seeks to fill a tenure-track position in environmental law beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year. Candidates should be either new to law teaching or junior lateral candidates with no more than four years in a tenure-track position.
Candidates must have a J.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree, and a distinguished academic record. Candidates should have a strong track record and/or show outstanding promise in research in environmental law (including, for example, land use, environmental justice, climate change, and natural resources) and the ability to teach the basic environmental law course and allied courses, especially property.
Entry-level candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in the AALS Faculty Appointments Register. Lateral candidates should complete the online application which requires creating an account, uploading a resume or CV, and providing basic personal information. In addition, applicants should submit a cover letter, a current CV, a published or unpublished academic article, a brief research agenda, and an indication of teaching interests (if not listed on the CV) to the chair of the Faculty Appointments Committee: Fred Smith, at . Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. More information.

Head of Research and Innovations, SustainCERT – Luxembourg /Amsterdam/ Switzerland/ Elsewhere

Climate Finance Manager, UpEnergy – Africa/Flexible

Intern/Junior Support, Value Change Initiative, SustainCERT – Amsterdam

UMd: Teach historic preservation law and policy through social justice/critical race theory lens. Professor Jeremy Wells at UMd is looking for someone who could teach a historic preservation law and policy course through a social justice/critical race theory lens. This would involve identifying how federal/state/local preservation rules and regs promote racial bias and ways in which this characteristic has been proactively addressed, with reference to work in related fields. Interested individuals, who would be hired as an adjunct instructor, would ideally be able to teach in the DC area, but virtual teaching is a possibility. Contact Jeremy at for more info or to suggest a name.

Dean of Environmental and Life Sciences University of Southampton Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences United Kingdom

Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice Michigan State University College of Social Science United States

Lecturer in Geography and Sustainable Communities University of Wollongong Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Australia

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Law York University Law School

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs University of California Davis

Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice Michigan State University College of Social Science

Intern/Junior Support, Value Change Initiative, SustainCERT – Amsterdam

Senior Manager, Digital Programme (GSIQ), Gold Standard – Remote (Europe preferred) Head of International Offsets R&D, GreenCollar – Sydney/Remote

Research Fellow, Policy Exchange – London

Green Finance Platform Community Engagement Consultant, UNEP – Remote

Temple University Beasley School of Law: Several entry-level or junior lateral faculty positions beginning in fall 2022
Our primary needs are in race and the law, criminal law, and torts, with additional needs in constitutional law, evidence, employment/labor law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, law and technology, and environmental law. We may also fill an endowed Chair, for which we will consider tenured, established scholars specializing in civil rights and/or constitutional law.
Potential candidates for any of these positions are encouraged to submit materials at https://law.temple.edu/engage/prospective-faculty-application-2021/. Inquiries may be directed to Professor Jane B. Baron, Chair of the Faculty Selection Committee at .


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