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29 May 2021



Vereniging Milieudefensie and The Other Parties It Represents vs Royal Dutch Shell PLC. C/09/571932 / HA ZA 19-379. Watershed Decision Orders Shell to Slash Emissions to Respect Human Rights – Dutch Court Rules that Shell Must Cut Direct and Indirect Emissions 45% by 2030. More information (by the Center for International Environmental Law – Statement issued 26 May 2021). Download judgment here.

Sharma by her litigation representative Sister Marie Brigid Arthur v Minister for the Environment [2021] FCA 560 (Federal Court of Australia). Australia court rules government has duty to protect youth from climate change. More information (by the Jurist – Statement issued 27 May 2021). Download judgment here.



Michael Clark. Evictions and Alternative Accommodation in South Africa: An Analysis of Jurisprudence and Implications for Local Government. Published by the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI). 2021. Available here.

Bureau for Economic Research. South Africa’s progress towards its development objectives – Essays based on the findings of the 2020 NDP Assessment Report. 28 May 2021. Available here.

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). Green Hydrogen Supply: A Guide to Policy Making. 28 May 2021. Available here.

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). Decarbonising end-use sectors: Practical insights on green hydrogen. 28 May 2021. Available here.


William D. Nordhaus. The Spirit of Green: The Economics of Collisions and Contagions in a Crowded World. Princeton University Press. 2021.

“From a Nobel Prize–winning pioneer in environmental economics, an innovative account of how and why “green thinking” could cure many of the world’s most serious problems—from global warming to pandemics.” More Information and Review.

News, Blogs, Discussions, Websites, Videos, ETC

South Africa

Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Culture

Mail & Guardian: “Penguins can’t get enough to eat” 23 May 2021

BizCommunity: “Protecting SA’s biodiversity – little steps can be made by managing waste better” 24 May 2021

SANBI: “Minister Creecy launches alien and invasive species status report” 28 May 2021

Business Insider South Africa: “India will soon see wild cheetahs for the first time in 70 years – thanks to South Africa” 29 May 2021

Conservation: Elandsberg Protected Environment gazetted
“A new declaration will see the formal protection of a 25 000ha area between the towns of Paulpietersburg and Utrecht within the Amajuba and Zululand district municipalities in KZN. According to an Engineering News report, the new Elandsberg Protected Environment, which was gazetted on 13 May, is a significant step in efforts to secure SA’s most significant water source areas. The new protected area lies in the watershed between the Thukela and Phongolo primary catchments, both of which are significant river systems that have a great many downstream users, including major irrigation systems, urban centres and rural users, all of which depend on the sustained flow of clean water. ‘This achievement has contributed to bringing over 65 000ha within a critical water source area under this form of protection, including communally owned land,’ said WWF SA CEO Dr Morné du Plessis. Among the activities that will now be encouraged and sustained through this declaration are sustainable range management practices, such as correct stocking of livestock and appropriate”. Legalbrief. More information by WWF (“The declaration of the Elandsberg Protected Environment in KwaZulu-Natal last week is a significant step in efforts to secure South Africa’s most significant water source areas”) and EngineeringNews (“Significant KZN area declared a protected environment”)

Climate Change and Energy

Mail&Guardian: “SA needs to gear up for clean energy” 23 May 2021

Mail&Guardian: “Covid may stop SA presence at COP” 23 May 2021

Daily Maverick: “It’s the green train now — and you’re on the wrong platform, Gwede Mantashe” 23 May 2021

BusinessLive: “Green innovation a better way of fighting climate change than heading to court” 23 May 2021

Biznews: “Further corruption at Eskom, Kusile – Contractors forked out school fees for manager’s daughter” 24 May 2021

Biznews: “Legal dispute over power supply contract may hamper SA’s attempt to ease electricity shortages” 25 May 2021

Daily Maverick: “Perils of deregulating energy: Texas blackouts a snapshot of the fraught future of an unbundled Eskom” 26 May 2021

Daily Maverick: “The rise of the prosumer: The case for blockchain technology in South Africa’s electricity supply” 27 May 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Activists protest outside Standard Bank over its financing of fossil fuel initiatives” 27 May 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Landmark ruling orders Shell to comply with Paris Agreement targets” 27 May 2021

News24: “IN FULL | Axed Eskom boss Solly Tshitangano was ‘intent on promoting the interests of Econ Oil’” 29 May 2021

Environmental Enforcement

BusinessLive: “New, improved oil and gas bill set to bring certainty — and scrutiny” 23 May 2021
(See also: CER’s Comment on Draft Upstream Petroleum Resources Development Bill, 2019)

Local Government

TimesLive: “Water woes in Joburg also affecting hospitals” 23 May 2021

GroundUp: “Two people died and dozens left homeless in Plettenberg Bay fire” 26 May 2021

GroundUp: “5,000 Siqalo households have no water during the day” (Cape Town) 27 May 2021

Conservation: Tokai clear-felling matter open for public comment
“SANParks has clarified that members of the public have until November to comment on the future of the Tokai and Cecilia forest areas. According to a Cape Times report, this was after SANParks was slammed by community-focused environ mental NPO Parkscape for appearing to provide five daysto register to participate in discussions, advising that the review process of the Tokai-Cecilia Management Framework had started. ‘We are grateful that the process is finally getting under way after years of being blown off by SANParks,’ Parkscape said. The intended first review of the framework was delayed in 2015 by the peninsula fires, and the 2016 to mid-2018 litigation process and the subsequent Covid-19 pandemic made direct public engagements in this format not possible, SANParks explained. Parkscape said the framework was negotiated in 2007 between stakeholders and SANParks after the public first learnt of the intended clear-felling of the plantations of Tokai and Cecilia. The NPO said that many people remained unaware that the plantations were due to be harvested by 2025 and that while Parkscape did not seek the long-term retention of pine plantations, it was looking for a phased solution in Lower Tokai, which would result in permanent, safe and shaded recreational space using tall-canopied indigenous tree species.” Full Cape Times report


Lexology: “Covid 19 might offer renewed hope for SA’s mining industry” 18 May 2021

ENS Africa: “Africa Business in Brief | Issue 401” 23 May 2021

Daily Maverick: “Killing the Holy Ghost: Inside the unlawful bid for environmental approval of the Musina-Makhado SEZ” 25 May 2021

Energy: Showdown looms over Karoo shale gas find
“Despite government announcing the discovery of pockets of shale gas in the Karoo, the inevitability of fracking in this region is by no means certain, writes Legalbrief. Mineral Resources & Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe told Parliament last week that his department found pockets of shale gas during drilling. According to a TimesLIVE report, Mantashe was addressing a mini-plenary sitting during his budget vote. Fracking in the Karoo has generated a lot of opposition from activists who fear its damage to the environment. Mantashe said his department in September last year set out to drill a 3 500m stratigraphic hole in the Karoo to establish and test the occurrence of shale gas. ‘The first pocket of gas was intercepted at 1 734m with a further substantial amount intercepted at 2 467m, spanning a depth of 55m. To date, a total of 34 gas samples have been bottled in canisters and taken to one of our laboratories for analysis,’ said Mantashe. Fracking in the Karoo had been stopped by a Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruling that the Minister of Mineral Resources did not have the power to make regulations for petroleum exploration and production. The DMRE had been taken to court by the Karoo Action Group, AfriForum and Karoo farmers. In 2019, the DMRE granted permits to three companies to explore for shale gas but they are not allowed to use fracking.” Full TimesLIVE report (18 May 2021).

“However, the process does not mean that fracking will soon follow. According to a News24 report, the CEO of the Council for Geoscience, Mosa Mabuza, said part of the September research programme was aimed at establishing the presence of brackish water, ‘which may be utilised in the event the country decides to develop the gas’. He said from the process, a geo-environmental assessment report would be compiled, covering the water profile of the area, shallow water for consumption and brackish water and modelling of the gas quantity. ‘The report from the drilling process would be used by government to make decisions about the development of shale gas,’ he said. ‘Until such a time that there is a clearly set out legislative framework stating how fracking should be conducted, there can be no fracking in the country,’ said Jan Arkert, a geologist who has been involved in the Karoo anti-fracking initiatives. Akert said from a geological perspective, it has been known that parts of the Karoo hold hydrocarbon gases. ‘The question right now is how much is there and what is the quality of that gas. Only by fracking can they be able to make that determination. There is still a very long way to go,’ he said.” Full News24 Report (21 May 2021).

“AfriForum and Treasure the Karoo Action Group are in the process of compiling comments on the new draft regulations published by the Department of Water & Sanitation (DWS) for the exploration and production of onshore unconventional gas development. The draft regulations were published in the Government Gazette of 7 May. A Politicsweb report notes that Lambert De Klerk, AfriForum’s manager for environmental affairs, says that AfriForum and its long-standing environmental partner Treasure Karoo Action Group will continue their opposition to shale gas extraction in the Karoo. ‘We wrote to the department to request an extension of the 30-day period for public comment on those regulations, given the complexity of the report that is being compiled by our team of experts,’ De Klerk said. Jonathan Deal, CEO of TKAG, said the group has a track record of success in dealing with the government on the regulations. The most recent is an undivided ruling in the SCA against the Department of Mineral Resources. ‘In our view, to publish a set of technical regulations with a 30-day window for public comment is short-sighted. To do this in the midst of a state of disaster, with more lockdown regulations looming, displays at best a careless arrogance regarding proper public consultation,’ said Deal.” Full Politicsweb report (19 May 2021).

Water, Waste, Oceans and Chemicals

The Conversation: “Why full dams don’t mean water security: a look at South Africa” 24 May 2021

South African Government: “Minister Lindiwe Sisulu: Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Dept Budget Vote 2021/22” 25 May 2021

BizCommunity: “Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority raises over R15bn for Lesotho water project” 26 May 2021

Pollution: Cape Town accused of illegally discharging waste water
“Conservation lobby group ReThinkTheStink said it has caught the City of Cape Town red-handed disposing of waste water effluent into Tableview Nature Reserve and Diep River through what it says is an illegal discharge point. A Cape Argus report notes that a video posted by the group – recorded on 3 May – shows an open sluice gate at the Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Plant allowing effluent into the Diep River/Table Bay Nature Reserve. ReThinkTheStink member Peter Walsh said it occurred while the city and Potsdam treatment plant were under a directive, and this, he said, showed the city didn’t feel threatened. ‘It’s hypocrisy and targeted harassment by Xanthea Limberg of these under-resourced areas when your own WWTW (Waste Water Treatment Works) is discharging hundreds of thousands of litres of contaminated water into a nature reserve. The sewage from Joe Slovo and Dunoon pales into comparison when compared to the systemic discharge of waste water from illegal discharge points,’ he said. The City’s Mayco member for water and waste, Limberg, said preliminary investigations found process controllers had no other choice but to open the valves/sluice gates at Long Pond due to the impacts of the current pond cleaning to prevent the pond walls from collapsing and potentially causing significant pollution. It was not an unofficial discharge point, but the plant’s official discharge point as noted in its water use licence, she added.” Full Cape Argus report (18 May 2021)


TimesLive: “Falsely labeled, mixed with syrup or ‘laundered’: Honey fraud is rife in SA” 21 May 2021

BizzCommunity: “Growing a sustainable response to food insecurity” 24 May 2021

BizCommunity: “Why land reform requires partnerships, affordable finance, stakeholder buy-in” 25 May 2021

BizCommunity: “Zero-waste food bus hopes to drive away hunger” 25 May 2021

BizCommunity: “5th MSCI South Africa Green Annual Property Index out now” 26 May 2021

Biznews: “Invest in solar power, slash your tax bill – a 12J investment with a steady return” 28 May 2021


Biodiversity, Soil, Protected Areas and Culture

Daily Maverick: “Illegal sand mining eroding Morocco’s coastline and tourism” 24 May 2021

Climate Change and Energy

AllAfrica: “Namibia: Oil Exploration Company in Kavango Wilderness ‘Misled Investors’” 26 May 2021

AllAfrica: “Nigeria: NNPC Renews Bonga Oilfield Licence for Shell, Exxonmobil, Others for Another 20 Years” 26 May 2021

Environmental Enforcement

AllAfrica: “Shipping Industry: Where There is a Will There is a Way – 66 Containers of Stolen Illegal Timber Return to Mozambique” 27 May 2021


Extractives Baraza: “Southern Africa: Illegal Gold Mining Surges in East and Southern Africa National Parks” 26 May 2021

Extractives Baraza: “Mining Firm Signs Cooperation Agreement with Communities” 26 May 2021

Water, Oceans, Waste and Chemicals

BizCommunity: “AfDB board approves bank’s policy prioritising water security” 27 May 2021

The Guardian Nigeria: Nigeria: Civil society urges govt to ensure Shell cleans up pollution before moving offshore” 27 May 2021


AllAfrica: “Africa: World Health Assembly Adopts New Resolution on Malaria” 28 May 2021


Biodiversity, Protected Areas, and Culture

EarthJustice: “Mexican Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Mayan Community, Suspends 49,000 Hog Farm” 20 May 2021

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: “The story of the Mayan beekeeper that formed a coalition to fight the growth of genetically modified plants by Monsanto in Mexico” 23 May 2021

The Guardian: “Investing 0.1% of global GDP could avoid breakdown of ecosystems, says UN report” 27 May 2021

The Guardian: “Count bug splats on cars to study insect decline, UK drivers urged” 28 May 2021

Reuters: “Thai authorities rescue wild macaques smuggled in pickup truck” 29 May 2021

IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin: “Highlights and images of main proceedings for 29 May 2021” (third session of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-3) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD))

Climate Change and Energy

The Conversation: “Climate change risk is complex: here is a way to assess it” 5 May 2021

Lexology: “German constitutional court declares German Climate Protection Act unconstitutional” 7 May 2021

Lexology: “UK puts rail at heart of green revolution in wide-ranging review” (UK) 24 May 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “UNEP, CCAC Suggest Methane Reduction Actions for Key Emitters” 24 May 2021

Lexology: “Q&A Energy & Infrastructure: #5 Species protection exemption” (Germany) 25 May 2021

Lexology: “EU Moves Toward Comprehensive Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive” (EU) 25 May 2021

Lexology: “Primer on Canadian Federal and Provincial Cleantech Funding Programs” 25 May 2021

Lexology: “Environmental Justice Update” (USA) 25 May 2021

Lexology: “Supreme Court Clarifies That Only CERCLA Settlements Trigger Contribution Claims” USA 25 May 2021

Lexology: “The New Age of American Infrastructure: The Latest Policy Updates” 25 May 2021

Extractives Baraza: “Macron pushes East African Oil Pipeline as French Banks Shun Project” 26 May 2021

Extractives Baraza: “Oil, Gas Companies Sharply Transforming for Energy Transition Said Likely to See More Growth” 26 May 2021

IOP Science: “Growing mining contribution to Colombian deforestation” 26 May 2021

The Guardian: “Oman plans to build world’s largest green hydrogen plant” 27 May 2021

Carbon Brief: “Climate activists hail breakthrough victories over Exxon and Shell” 27 May 2021

Reuters: “Shell ordered to deepen carbon cuts in landmark Dutch climate case” 27 May 2021 (More, by Jurist)

Jurist: “Australia court rules government has duty to protect youth from climate change” 27 May 2021

Reuters: “Rising global temperatures ‘inexorably closer’ to climate tipping point – U.N.” 27 May 2021

EarthJustice: “Landmark Report from First White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council Should Guide Biden Administration’s Justice40 Implementation and its National Climate Policies” 27 May 2021

BizCommunity: “IIASA researchers produce new framework to enhance national climate action” 28 May 2021

Reuters: “Scientists warn of bad year for fires in Brazil’s Amazon and wetlands” 28 May 2021

Reuters: “New coral reef restoration technology aims to reverse climate change damage” 28 May 2021

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: “EU Parliament adopts Resolution on protecting environmental & climate change defenders from state and corporate abuses” 28 May 2021

The Guardian: “Outrage and delight as France ditches reliance on meat in climate bill” 29 May 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Human history on the verge of being wiped out by climate change” 29 May 2021

Environmental Enforcement

Lexology: “Environmental Impact Assessment – the Evolving Law” 18 May 2021

Grist: “Can the ‘right to a healthy environment’ stop Exxon’s expansion in Guyana?” 25 May 2021
“Guyanese Citizens File Climate Case Claiming Massive Offshore Oil Project is Unconstitutional. The case is the first in the Caribbean to challenge fossil fuel extraction on constitutional grounds.” More information (by the Center for International Environmental Law – Statement issued 21 May 2021).

Lexology: “Do new draft EPBC National Environmental Standards ignore Independent Review of EPBC Act recommendations?” (Australia) 26 May 2021

Jurist: “Why India Needs A Better Public Participation Framework For Environmental Governance” 26 May 2021

Nature: “Palaeontologists hope Biden will restore protections on fossil-rich US lands” 28 May 2021

Reuters: “U.S. urges change in fishing practices to save endangered whales” 28 May 2021

Local Government

ICLEI Blog: “10 reasons to promote urban biodiversity” 21 May 2021

ICLEI: “Elevating voices of cities at UN Food Systems Summit” 26 May 2021


Mining.com: “Four agreements signed at first pre-consultation for Pan American Silver’s Escobal mine” 23 May 2021

Lexology: “Governance News” (EU & Australia) 26 May 2021

EarthJustice: “Despite Concerns About Dangerous Mercury Exposure, Alaska Commissioner Rubber-Stamps Donlin Gold Mine Certification” 28 May 2021

Water, Oceans, Waste and Chemicals

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “OECD Report Outlines Governance Fixes to Asia-Pacific Water Stress” 26 May 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Review Describes EU Progress and Challenges on E-Waste Targets” 26 May 2021

Carbon Brief: “Satellite data reveals impact of warming on global water cycle” 26 May 2021

The Guardian: “Amazon shareholders to vote on revealing retailer’s plastic footprint” 26 May 2021

The Guardian: “Banned pesticide blamed for killing bees may be approved for fish farms” 27 May 2021

Science: “Local conditions magnify coral loss after marine heatwaves” 28 May 2021


Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights: “Global Developments in the Rights of Nature: International Agreements” 13 May 2021 (YouTube video)

Lexology: “Green claims: UK’s CMA wants a more truthful environment” (UK) 21 May 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “UNEP Publications Assess Status of Environmental Targets” 26 May 2021

Nature: “The most detailed 3D map of the Universe ever made” 28 May 2021

Clean Energy Wire: “German govt agrees on supply chain law including environmental obligations” 28 May 2021

The Guardian: “Branching out: is communication possible between trees and people?” 28 May 2021

IISDD Earth Negotiations Bulletin: “Green Future Week – 24 – 29 May 2021” (all coverage)

Conferences, Workshops, Study Opportunities


Presidential Climate Commission: Consideration of South Africa’s Nationally Determined Contributions
4 June 2021 at 3:30 PM– 8:30 PM SAST
More information

South Africa Green Jobs Dialogue Series
15 April – 10 June 2021
More information

Animal rights in South African law (Zoom webinar)
Topic: What are “animal rights” and what rights do animals in South Africa have?
Presented by Tony Gerrans – Executive Director at the Humane Society International – Africa.
28 June, 9:00-11:00 SAST
Register here

ELA and IAIAsa: Discussion the Protection of Personal Information Act
Date: 9 June 2021
Time: 10h00-12h00 SAST
The invitation is available here.
Where: Online Webinar
Register here

Please register at the link before 13h00 on 7 June 2021. The Zoom link will be provided the day before the event, once membership has been verified and non-member payments have cleared through the bank. Anyone not registered for the event with IAIAsa and joining the webinar will be removed automatically. Places are limited. We therefore respectfully request that if you register and cannot attend you cancel your registration by 13h00 on 7 June 2021, failing which a no-show fee will be applicable.

The Dullah Omar Institute at the University of the Western Cape offers a new unique Postgraduate Diploma in Local Government Law
Start: July 2021
Duration: 1 yr or 2 yrs
Entry requirements: prior degree (60% average) & 3 years’ experience or RPL
Apply by: 31 May 2021
More info / to apply

NWU AUTHeR: First Africa Conference on Transdisciplinarity ACT1 – Call for Abstracts
Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2021
Venue: Virtual Conference – deadline for abstract: 9 June 2021

IMBEWU’s Environmental Law Update Workshop
Online course: To book, email or call us on 011 214 0660
For more information about the course consult the website.

CBSS Training Courses in Water Governance scheduled for 2021

  • 17 – 19 August 2021, in Pretoria
    • Refresher (for those who attended previous courses): 19 August 2021
    • Early Bird discount applicable until 6 July 2021
    • Registration closes 20 July 2021
    • Only TWO (2) seats still available
  • 7 – 9 September 2021, near Stellenbosch
    • Refresher (for those who attended previous courses): 9 September 2021
    • Early bird payment before 20 July 2021
    • Registration closes 3 August 2021
    • Nine (9) seats still available
  • Mpumalanga, KZN and Eastern Cape: date and venue to be confirmed, depending on interest

You can register here

NWU: Unit for Continuing Education Short Courses

  • CEM-05.3.1 Environmental Risk Assessment: 7 – 11 June 2021
  • CEM-03.1.1 Environmental Management Systems: 5 – 9 July 2021

Contact Rosy Moloto: 018 299 2725 / Nonzuzu Seleka: 018 299 1470 for more information

South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC):  10-part series on Climate Change Leadership: Bringing Science, People and Policy Together

  • 27 May 2021: Topic 3: How do people and societies respond (or not) to climate change? Navigating the complexities of human behaviour.
  • 17 June 2021: Topic 4: Looking back, looking forward – can law change the climate change trajectory?
  • 29 July 2021: Topic 5: Who produces CO2 and why? What are the options and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  • 19 August 2021: Topic 6: Increasing pressure, increasing implications for businesses?
  • 2 September 2021: Topic 8: Jobs or the environment? How can climate change responses address the interests of labour?
  • 30 September 2021: Topic 9: Preparing for COP 26 – What does South Africa want from the COP negotiations?
  • 14 October 2021: Topic 10: Where to from here? The role of the next generation and their views on a safe and human world for all

More information available on the SAIFAC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SAIFAConline

Enterprises @ University of Pretoria Online Short Course in Environmental Law
Date: 21 June to 2 July 2021
Led by Dr Melanie Murcott
More information

IAIAsa National Conference: Re-thinking IEM in pursuit of the sustainable development goals:  1st call for presentations
Date: 17-19 August 2021
Call for abstracts here – Abstract deadline: 4 June 2021

Mandela Institute: Data protection in South Africa: The potential impact of data localization on South Africa’s project of sustainable development
Date: 28 May 2021
Time: 15:00-16:30 SAST
Registration by 27 May 2021
More information – contact Magda Janse van Noordwyk

SARIMA Online Conference: Embracing Change in a Shifting World  |  Managing Openness, Collaboration, Sharing and Benefit in Research and Innovation
Date: 26 – 29 October 2021
More information


The Road to COP 26/CMA 3 Preparatory Lecture Series:
Date: 28 May 2021, (EST) / 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT): The Paris Agreement Rule Book: Adding a Glasgow Chapter to the Katowice Package by Petra Minnerop, Associate Professor of International Law, Durham University, Durham Law School
Date: 18 June 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (Beijing): Advancing Technology Development and Transfer under the Paris Agreement by Stephen Minas, Associate Professor, Peking University School of Transnational Law and Vice-Chair of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee
Date: 2 July 2021, 12:00 (London) / 17:00 (Dhaka): The perspective of the Least Developed Countries on Loss and Damage from climate change by Dr Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and Professor at the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
Date: 30 July 2021 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Global Goal for Adaptation for Raising Ambition under the Paris Agreement by Selam Kidane AbebeLegal Advisor for the African Group of Negotiators under the UNFCCC
Date: 26 August 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Streamlining the Ocean into COP 26 and beyond by Nilufer Oral, Director, CIL-NUS and Member of the International Law Commission
Date: 24 September 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Equity and Fairness in International Climate Change Law by Lavanya Rajamani, Professor of International Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
Date: 8 October 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) The Compensation Question: Loss and Damages by Linda Siegele, Legal Advisor to AOSIS Member States
More information

IUCN AEL 2021 Groningen Colloquium Registration
Date: 28 June 2021 – 2 July 2021
Register here

FREE webinar introduces the new British Standard on natural capital accounting
Date: 15 June at 14:00 – 15:30 UK time

10th Australian Workshop on Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD)Virtual Workshop
Date: 22 – 25 June 2021

IWRA Online Conference: One Water, One Health: Water, Food & Public Health in a Changing World (Free conference)
Dates: 7-9 June 2021

Call for Panels and Presentations: 1st Annual Conference on Carbon Removal Law and Policy: Exploring Ocean-Based Approaches to CDR – online
Date: 21 September 2021
Submissions for panel sessions or individual presentations accepted until 18 June 2021
More information

IAIA’s 12-week “Foundations of Impact Assessment” online course
Dates: 4 June through 3 September 2021
Registration is open through 4 June or until filled. Limited bursaries are available but typically fill within days. More information

IISD ENB: 3rd Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-3) | 16 May – 13 June 2021 | Online | Convention on Biological Diversity – CBD

2021 P4G Seoul Summit (theme: “Green Recovery and 2050 Carbon Neutrality”)
When: 30-31 May 2021
Where: Seoul and online
More information

GNHRE Virtual book launch of Professor Lynda Collins’ new book, The Ecological Constitution: Reframing Environmental Law
The Ecological Constitution integrates the insights of environmental constitutionalism and ecological law in a concise, engaging and accessible manner. This book sets out the necessary components of any constitution that could be considered “ecological” in nature.
8 June 2021 at 18:00 SAST
You can read more about the launch and register here.

UK: BS 8683:2021 Process for designing and implementing Biodiversity Net Gain
This specifies requirements to design and implement a biodiversity net gain process in development and land use projects.
Date: 8 June 2021 at 15:00 – 16:30 SAST
Cost: Free
Registration and more information

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence – Climate Justice and the international research team Climate Change, Territories, Diversity of the University of Padua are pleased to invite you to the opening conference of the new Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Climate Justice.
Tuesday 1 June, from 11.30 to 18.30 (SAST). The conference will be delivered online through the ZOOM platform. The link and instructions for accessing the event will be sent out a few days before the event. Registration for the seminars is open.

Vacancies, Bursaries, Funding, Opportunities, etc.


Vacancy: Lecturer (Independent Contractor) – IIE Higher Certificate in Legal Studies
IIE MSA And IIE Varsity College, Midrand, Gauteng
Apply by: 4 June 2021
More information

Vacancy: Lecturer (Independent Contractor) – Criminal Law And Criminal Procedure
IIE MSA And IIE Varsity College, Pretoria, Gauteng
Apply by: 4 June 2021
More information

Vacancy: Academic & Quality Manager: Law Faculty
Boston City Campus (WC)
Application deadline unspecified
More information

Vacancy: Environmental co-ordinator (Ogies)
Date listed: 13 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Legal Practitioner: Just Energy Transition Africa
Natural Justice, Cape Town
Date listed: 15 April 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Officer Management – Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd
Delmas, Mpumalanga
Date listed: 16 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Superintendent – Anglo American
Emalahleni, Eastern Cape
Date listed: 26 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Consultant – Marsh McLennan
Date listed: 16 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Field Ranger, Riverlands Nature reserve (Level 4) – CapeNature
Malmesbury, Western Cape
Date listed: 23 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Specialist
Port Elizabeth
Date listed: 30 April 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Specialist (Energy, climate change) – Hatch
Date listed: 10 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: Environmental Superintendent – Thermal Coal
Date listed: 26 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: South African Government Department of Labour: Principal Inspector: BCEA
Mmabatho, North West
Closing date: 31 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: University of KwaZulu-Natal College of Law and Management Studies: Graduate School of Business and Leadership – Head of Research, Westville Campus
Closing date: 30 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: University of KwaZulu Natal College of Law and Management Studies: Head of Doctoral Programmes
Closing date: 30 May 2021
More information

Vacancy: University of KwaZulu Natal College of Law and Management Studies: Head of HEAD Masters and Post Grad Programmes
Closing date: 30 May 2021
More information

[Below vacancies advertised in IAIAsa News 2021/2022 11 May 2021 e-brief]

Vacancy : Environmental and Mining Legal Consultant : South Africa
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Vacancy : Senior Environmental Consultant : Bryanston, Johannesburg
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Vacancy : Social Scientist : South Africa
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Vacancy : Sustainability Consultant : Anywhere
Closing Date: 31 May 2021


Vacancy: Faculty Position in Sustainable Urban Systems and Climate Mitigation Strategies
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) – Switzerland
Evaluation of application will begin 6 June 2021.
More information

Vacancy: Professor in Socio-Environmental Sustainability
University of Oulu (Finland)
Apply by: 30 June 2021
More information

Vacancy: Faculty Position in Law
Singapore Management University, Yong Pung How School of Law
Date listed: 16 April 2021
More information

Vacancy: Senior Academic Staff in Administrative Law
University of Antwerp Faculty of Law (Belgium)
Appy by: 27 September 2021
More information

Vacancy: Senior Technical Specialist, Forestry & Forest Carbon, Fauna & Flora International
Cambridge, UK
Apply by: 1 June 2021
More information

Vacancy: Position in Sustainable Urban Systems and Climate Mitigation Strategies
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL): Faculty (Switzerland)
Formal evaluation of the applications will begin on June 6, 2021 and the search will continue until the position is filled.
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Vacancy: Assistant/Associate Professor of Jurisprudence
University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
Apply by: 2 June 2021
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Vacancy: Senior Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager, South Pole
Date listed: 5 May 2021
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Study Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher in the Measurement of Social and Economic Change
University of Tasmania Institute for Social Change (Australia)
Apply by: 29 June 2021
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Study Opportunity: Presidential Post-Doctoral Fellowship
The University of Hong Kong (HKU-PPF)
Application deadline unspecified
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Study Opportunity: PhD Position in Socio-Economic Analysis of Circular Water Governance
VU University of Amsterdam Institute for Environmental Studies (Netherlands)
Apply by: 12 June 2021
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Study Opportunity: PhD Position in Socio-Economic Analysis of Circular Water Governance
VU University of Amsterdam Institute for Environmental Studies
Apply by: 12 June 2021
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Study Opportunity:  Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Governance and Transition Politics
University of Bergen Department of Geography
Application deadline unspecified
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Study Opportunity: Research Fellow in Technology and Law
Catholic University of Leuven Faculty of Law
Apply by: June 14, 2021
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Study Opportunity: Research Fellow in Law
University of Leeds School of Law
Apply by: 6 June 2021
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Study Opportunity: University of Utrecht: Postdoctoral Researcher on Social Justice of Water, Energy and Food Governance in South Africa
Apply by: 17 June 2021
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Study Opportunity: University of Utrecht Faculty of Geosciences: Postdoc position in Global Environmental Governance at Utrecht University
Apply by: 13 June 2021
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Study Opportunity: University of Utrecht Faculty of Geosciences: Two PhD positions in Global Environmental Governance
Apply by: 6 June 2021
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