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23 April 2021


Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Bill, 2021 [B8-2021]

Draft Land Court Bill, 2021 – Gen Notice 222 in GG 44480 of 23 April 2021 – for comment and explanatory summary



Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 – Directions

  • GN R342 in GG 44465 of 20 April 2021 0 Direction Providing COVID-19 TERS Benefits for Certain Categories of Employees published with effect from 16 October 2020 until 15 March 2021 and GN R167 in GG 44222 of 3 March 2021 substituted
  • GenN 224 in GG 44486 of 23 April 2021 – Directions regarding the reopening of schools and measures to address, prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19 in the National Department of Basic Education, and Provincial Departments of Education, and all schools in the Republic of South Africa published in GenN 42 in GG 44154 of 12 February 2021 amended



Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 – GN 376 in GG 44485 of 22 April 2021 – Regulations issued in terms of s. 27 (2) of the Act published in GN R480 in GG 43258 of 29 April 2020 amended

Merchant Shipping Act 57 of 1951 – Gen Notice 219 in GG 44469 of 23 April 2021 – Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Safe Manning), Regulations, 2021

Electricity Act 41 of 1987 – (GN 357 in GG 44469 of 23 April 2021 – Licence fees payable by licensed generators of electricity for the period 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

Value-Added Tax Act 89 of 1991 – GN R369 in GG 44473 of 23 April 2021 – Schedule 1 amended

Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act 74 of 1996 – Proc R15 in GG 44473 of 23 April 2021 – Referral of matters to existing special investigating unit in respect of the affairs of the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality

National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 – GN 373 in GG 44481 of 23 April 2021 – Generic Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) for Gas Transmission Pipeline Infrastructure (2020)

National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 – GN 371 in GG 44477 of 22 April 2021 – Proposed amendment to Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015 – for comment

Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 – GN R221 in GG 44479 of 23 April 2021 – Draft Regulations

Electricity Regulation Act 4 of 2006 – GN 374 in GG 44482 of 23 April 2021 – Notice of intention to substitute Schedule 2 of the Act (Exemption from Obligation to Apply for and Hold a Licence) – for comment


Eastern Cape

Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 and Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 – LAN 70 in PG 4543 of 19 April 2021 – Mnquma Local Municipality – final Draft Land Use Scheme – for comment.

KwaZulu Natal

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996; Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Act 10 of 1998 and Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 – MN 10 in PG 2272 of 22 April 2021: uMlalazi Local Municipality: Outdoor Advertising By-law 2021 published and Advertising By-law, 2009 repealed.


Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000: Bushbuckridge Local Municipality: Trading By-law published (LAN 34 in PG 3254 of 16 April 2021)


Maul & Guardian: “Gauteng Legislature discusses the Municipal Systems Amendment Bill” 13 April 2021



2021 10(1) TEL can be read for free until 5 May 2021

George E “Shareholder activism and stakeholder engagement strategies: promoting environmental justice, human rights, and Sustainable Development Goals” 2021 36 Wis. Int’l L.J. 298  SSRNat http://ssrn.com/abstract=3831562

Blogs, Discussions, Websites, Videos, ETC

South Africa

Biodiversity, protected areas, culture

GroundUp: “Environment group goes to court to block wetland road project” (Noordhoek)

Daily Maverick: “Why the fire on Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain was particularly devastating” 22 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Our Burning Mountain: The unearthly anatomy of a humanitarian emergency” 20 April 2021

TimesLive: “Born to burn’: The alien trees that turned Cape Town fire into a disaster” 24 April 2021

The Conversation: “The Table Mountain fire: what we can learn from the main drivers of wildfires” 22 April 2021

Mail & Guardian: “South Africa passes ‘grim milestone’ after extreme heat kills off birds, bats” 23 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Earth Day — A case for traditional knowledge to mitigate the planetary crisis” 21 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “We are in crisis, and it is time for an Agriculture Green New Deal in South Africa (Part One)” 20 April 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Bird flu outbreak puts poultry industry in jeopardy” 20 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Karoo ostrich farmers and workers fear avian flu outbreak after Gauteng cases” 20 April 2021

allAfrica: “South Africa: Indigenous People Being Excluded From Marijuana Industry – Black Farmers Association” 20 April 2021

TimesLive: “Toads in the hole as Cape Town gets tunnels for amorous amphibians” 24 April 2021

The Conversation: “Brown locusts have survived a long drought in South Africa – here’s how” 22 April 2021

Climate change and energy

Lexology Werkmans: Behr J “Q&A: electricity generation and transmission in South Africa” 30 September 2020

Daily Maverick: “Biden’s global climate summit: South Africa commits to ambitious emission reduction targets” 23 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “SA activists mark Earth Day with calls for adoption of Climate Justice Charter” 22 April 2021

Mail & Guardian: “South Africa’s planned harmful gas limits ‘off target’” 19 April 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Activist group lauds Nedbank for best climate commitment by an SA bank” 22 April 2021

News24: “Powerships are a dirty, expensive mistake for SA – energy experts” 21 April 2021

TimesLive: “South Africa to lift power generation licence threshold to 10MW” 23 April 2021

Moneyweb: “MPs question powerships deal” 21 April 2021

Environmental Enforcement

South African Government: “Forestry, Fisheries and Environment appoints Shonisani Munzhedzi as CEO of SA National Biodiversity Institute” 23 April 2021

Fin24: “Green groups pin hope on stopping powerships by getting environmental authorisation pulled” 13 April 2021

Local government

Mail & Guardian: “The rot and rotten goings-on in Emfuleni municipality” 22 April 2021

News24: “Our people have already paid for the land’ – North West residents support Expropriation Bill” 23 April 2021

News24: “The roaming pigs come and eat our poo” 23 April 2021


Webber Wentzel: Rapson G and Molefi L “More breathing room – NEMA financial provision regulations, 2015” 23 April 2021

Mail & Guardian: “Oil, gas an ‘illusionary’ quick fix” 23 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “South Africa mining at a digital crossroad” 20 April 2021

GoLegal: “Harmonising corporate governance for South African mining companies: King IV, Companies Act and the Mining Charter” 30 December 2019

Water, waste, oceans and chemicals

South African Government: “President Cyril Ramaphosa welcomes focus on improved municipal water infrastructure and services” 22 April 2021

South African Government: “Water and Sanitation on Gauteng dam levels” 22 April 2021


Lexology: “South Africa: Green light for infrastructure investment by retirement funds?” 12 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “Technology to drive SA agriculture toward sustainability” 22 April 2021

The South African: “Minister of Agriculture visits Elsies River food garden – ‘Food security a human right’” 24 April 2021



Natural Justice: Maartens C “Conference on Access and Benefit-sharing Brings Resource Communities Closer” 21 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Njagi K “Armed with phones and seeds, jobless Kenyans tackle illegal logging” 15 April 2021

allAfrica: “Malawi President Proposes Switch From Growing Tobacco” 20 April 2021

allAfrica: “Cameroonian Startup Creates Soil Analysis Kit for Farming Efficiency” 20 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “AfriGIS – supporting sustainable development through geospatial solutions” 23 April 2021

BusinessLive: “Zimbabwe sells hundreds of elephant hunts to fund national parks upkeep” 19 April 2021

The Conversation: “New decisions by global conservation group bolster efforts to save Africa’s elephants” 31 March 2021

Nature: “African forest maps reveal areas vulnerable to the effects of climate change” 21 April 2021

Climate Change and Energy

Extractives Baraza: Mwita M “Kenya: EPRA to Punish Fuel Price Leakage in Proposed Law” 20 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Fashioning a new global economy: The climate finance heavy hitters on Africa’s role” 21 April 2021

allAfrica: “Climate Change Hinders Peacebuilding in Mali – Report” 21 April 2021

allAfrica: “South Africa: Crypto Power – Can Solar Panels Boost Cheap, Green Homes in South Africa?” 22 April 2021

allAfrica: “Congo-Kinshasa: DRC Holds Key to Addressing the Global Climate Crisis” 20 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “Solar and wind power could break the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock” 19 April 2021

BusinessLive: “Lagos plans its own power market to guarantee supply” 21 April 2021

The Conversation: “How climate insecurity could trigger more conflict in Somalia” 12 April 2021

Local government

allAfrica: “Nigeria’s Dairy Industry Gets Shot In Arm From Consortium” 23 April 2021

BizCommunity: “There’s a disconnect between research and urban planning in Africa: how to fix it” 20 April 2021


Extractives Baraza: Ariong S “Uganda: Gold Miners Flee Mining Site After Armed Turkana Pastoralists Kill LDU Personnel” 20 April 2021

Natural Justice: “Statement on signing of EACOP agreements: Ugandans deserve a sustainable economic future beyond oil” 21 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “International Zinc Association looks to re-galvanise local zinc industry” 19 April 2021


Nature: “Small farms outdo big ones on biodiversity — and crop yields” 29 March 2021

Lexology: “Guide to doing Business in Angola” 15 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Potential new malaria vaccine shows promise”  23 April 2021


Biodiversity, protected areas, and culture

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Moloney A “’War means blood’: Can a treaty stop Latin American activists being killed?” 19 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Moloney A “Panama boosts action to protect forests, drought-hit canal” 20 April 2021

Science: Curry A “Pacific Northwest’s ‘forest gardens’ were deliberately planted by Indigenous people” 22 April 2021

Science: Pennisi E “Just 19% of Earth’s land is still ‘wild,’ analysis suggests” 19 April 2021

Nautilus: Dugatin LA “The Botanist Who Defied Stalin” 21 April 2021

The New York Times: Giaimo x “One of the World’s Oldest Science Experiments Comes Up From the Dirt” 21 April 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations Focus on Overfishing” 19 April 2021

Climate change and energy

Clean Energy Wire: “EU’s Farm to Fork strategy impacts climate, productivity, and trade” 5 March 2021

Nature: “Overshooting tipping point thresholds in a changing climate” 21 April 2021

Jurist: “New Zealand introduces legislation to require financial sector disclosures of climate change impact” 13 April 2021

LiveScience: Letzter R “A third of Antarctic ice shelves could collapse at current pace of warming” 13 April 2021

IISD ENB: “Technical Working Group on Enabling the SDGs through Inclusive, Just Energy Transitions” 20 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Tauli-Corpuz V et al “Opinion: Want to fight climate change? Support indigenous people” 20 April 2021

Lexology: “Canada’s Federal Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit System Creates Green Incentives for Regulated Facilities” 19 April 2021

Lexology: “Wyoming Legislature Authorizes Suits Against Colorado and Other States” 16 April 2021

Extractives Baraza: Cholteeva Y “Oil and Gas Majors Agree on a Roadmap for Sustainable Development”

Nature: Tollefson J “US pledges to dramatically slash greenhouse emissions over next decade” 22 April 2021

Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies and the Research Unit Economic Law: Sustainable Recovery and Public Law: European Climate Policy YouTube: Delbeke Jos and Dekelelaere K “The EU Green Deal and the EU Climate Policy including the brand new EU Climate Law” 23 April 2021

The Conversation: Bazilian M and Victor D “New US climate pledge: Cut emissions 50% this decade, but can Biden make it happen?” 21 April 2021

The Guardian: “Biden’s pledge to slash US emissions turns spotlight on China” 23 April 2021

Lexology: “Federal budget injects fiscal stimulus into energy transition” [Canada] 21 April 2021

Lexology: “Volkswagen asks the Supreme Court to Clarify the Role of States in Regulating a Manufacturer’s Post-Sale Vehicle Conduct” [USA] 21 April 2021

Lexology: “UK’s legal commitment to 78% reduction in GHG by 2035 demonstrates power of UK’s Climate Change Act” 21 April 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “High-level Climate Consultations Build Expectations for Glasgow” 19 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “US and other countries deepen climate goals at Earth Day Summit” 22 April 2021

The Guardian: “Wealthy nations ‘failing to help developing world tackle climate crisis” 24 April 2021

The Guardian: “Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world” 24 April 2021

The Guardian: “Climate crisis has shifted the Earth’s axis, study shows” 23 April 2021

Jurist: “EU sets tougher greenhouse gas emissions targets” 22 April 2021

Clean Energy Wire: “German parliament agrees higher renewable expansion goals for 2022” 23 April 2021

Environmental enforcement

Lexology: “Canada Proposes to Amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act” 19 April 2021

Lexology: “International Trade as the New Front Against Transnational Crime” 19 April 2021

Lexology: “NGO brings case against central bank for alleged climate failings” [EU] 16 April 2021

Lexology: “Mr Justice Simons dismisses judicial review proceedings brought by Friends of the Irish Environment” 19 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “US Moves to withdraw Trump rule barring California vehicle emissions regulations” 22 April 2021

Local government

Nature: “Bright lights drew a plague of grasshoppers to ‘Sin City’” 30 March 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Chandran R “From Byron Bay to Bali, tourist hot spots wary of Instagram influencers” 21 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: “Cash, no strings attached: New U.S. programs for pandemic poor” 20 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Chandran R “Land-starved Singapore gets creative with solar in clean energy push” 20 April 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation: Biron CL “U.S. mayors eye redoubled climate role as Biden prepares new policy” 20 April 2021

ICLEI City Talk: Ditton S “Cities join the Race to Zero around the world to strengthen national goals” 20 April 2021

ICLEI City Talk: Wessel M “From ICLEI World Congress to COP26: Cities like Glasgow and Bonn push for transformative change” 20 April 2021

ICLEI City Talk: Fonseca B “Leave no one behind: ICLEI World Congress focuses on people-centered development” 14 April 2021

ICLEI City Talk: Wessel M “Local governments are poised for a bigger role in protecting nature. Is your city on board?” 13 April 2021

ICLEI City Talk: Vigran E “New ICLEI leadership recommit to integrated sustainable development” 14 April 2021

Lexology: “How individual buildings can support the sustainability of an urban environment” [UK] 21 April 2021

Jurist: “France lawmakers approve short-haul flight ban” 12 April 2021


Extractives Baraza: “BP Moves Forward with Plans to Stop Routine Gas Flaring in Permian Basin” 20 April 2021

Extractives Baraza: “US Miners’ Union Backs Shift from Coal for Renewable Energy Jobs” 20 April 2021

Extractives Baraza: “Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Protest Bill that Would Allow Commercial Mining on their Land” 20 April 2021

The Guardian: “California takes steps to ban fracking by 2024 and will halt oil extraction by 2045” 23 April 2021

Water, oceans, waste and chemicals

Science: Cornwall W “Rerouting the Mississippi River could build new land—and save a retreating coast” 22 April 2021

The Guardian: “Changes to giant ocean eddies could have ‘devastating effects’ globally” 22 April 2021

Polar Perspective: Baker B “Polar Perspectives No. 4 | Smart as SILK: An innovative advisory body for implementing the knowledge-based requirements of the Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Agreement” April 2021

Lexology: “New Report Provides State-by-State Comparison of Recycling Rates for Food-Packaging Materials in the United States” [USA] 19 April 2021

Lexology: “Another Former Potomac River Paper Mill Strikes Costly Settlement Deal to Avoid Lengthy Pollution Litigation” 15 April 2021


Daily Maverick: “NASA extracts breathable oxygen from thin Martian air” 22 April 2021

Hapsie.com: Cartoons for children on environmental issues

Lexology: “Emergence of ESG Transparency – US and EU Developments” 19 April 2021

Science: Ogasa N “Nuclear fallout is showing up in U.S. honey, decades after bomb tests” 20 April 2021

BBC: Roxby P “Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough” 23 April 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “Five Trends for Trade and Development as We Emerge from Global Pandemic” 19 April 2021

IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: “UN75 Consultations Focus on Protecting Planet, Boosting Partnerships” 19 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “India Records World’s Highest One-Day Surge in Covid Cases” 22 April 2021

Daily Maverick: “Pacific Ocean storm intensifies into year’s first super typhoon” 19 April 2021

Daily Maverick (Opinionista): Making peace with Gaia — an ode to Earth Day” 21 April 2021

The Guardian: “Secrets of a tree whisperer: ‘They get along, they listen – they’re attuned” 24 April 2021

The Guardian: “Jury acquits Extinction Rebellion protesters despite ‘no defence in law” (UK) 23 April 2021

BizzCommunity: “Greening the global textile value chain” 23 April 2021

Conferences, Workshops, Study Opportunities


NWU CLES: 1st Annual Prestige Lecture: Kobie Brand (ICLEI) “The role of research, teaching and learning in tertiary institutions for improved local governance in South Africa”

Date: 21 May 2021 at 14:00
Venue: Online event – register here

ELA Screening Club Event: The Adonisi judgment and issues of spatial apartheid surrounding the judgment
Date: 25 May 2021
More information 

IMBEWU’s Environmental Law Update Workshop
Online course: To book, email or call us on 011 214 0660
For more information about the course consult the website.

CBSS Training Courses in Water Governance scheduled for 2021

  • 17 – 19 August 2021, in Pretoria
    • Refresher (for those who attended previous courses): 19 August 2021
    • Early Bird discount applicable until 6 July 2021
    • Registration closes 20 July 2021
    • Only TWO (2) seats still available
  • 7 – 9 September 2021, near Stellenbosch
    • Refresher (for those who attended previous courses): 9 September 2021
    • Early bird payment before 20 July 2021
    • Registration closes 3 August 2021
    • Nine (9) seats still available
  • Mpumalanga, KZN and Eastern Cape: date and venue to be confirmed, depending on interest

You can register here

NWU: Unit for Continuing Education Short Courses

  • CEM-05.1.1 Environmental Impact Assessment: 10 – 14 May 2021
  • CEM-02.1.1 Environmental law: 24 – 28 May 2021
  • CEM-05.3.1 Environmental Risk Assessment: 7 – 11 June 2021
  • CEM-03.1.1 Environmental Management Systems: 5 – 9 July 2021

Contact Rosy Moloto: 018 299 2725 / Nonzuzu Seleka: 018 299 1470 for more information

South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC):  10-part series on Climate Change Leadership: Bringing Science, People and Policy Together

  • 6 May 2021: Topic 2: The discomfort of uncertainty and the certain uncertainty of scientific research
  • 27 May 2021: Topic 3: How do people and societies respond (or not) to climate change? Navigating the complexities of human behaviour.
  • 17 June 2021: Topic 4: Looking back, looking forward – can law change the climate change trajectory?
  • 29 July 2021: Topic 5: Who produces CO2 and why? What are the options and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  • 19 August 2021: Topic 6: Increasing pressure, increasing implications for businesses?
  • 2 September 2021: Topic 8: Jobs or the environment? How can climate change responses address the interests of labour?
  • 30 September 2021: Topic 9: Preparing for COP 26 – What does South Africa want from the COP negotiations?
  • 14 October 2021: Topic 10: Where to from here? The role of the next generation and their views on a safe and human world for all

More information available on the SAIFAC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SAIFAConline

Enterprises @ University of Pretoria Online Short Course in Environmental Law
Date: 21 June to 2 July 2021 led by Dr Melanie Murcott
More information

IAIAsa: Rethinking IEM in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals – Save the dates
Date: 17-19 August 2021
Venue: University of Fort Hare: Adjectival Law, Public Law, & Mercantile Law – East London Campus (Ref No. 8027)
More information


The Road to COP 26/CMA 3 Preparatory Lecture Series:
Date: 28 May 2021, (EST) / 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT): The Paris Agreement Rule Book: Adding a Glasgow Chapter to the Katowice Package by Petra Minnerop, Associate Professor of International Law, Durham University, Durham Law School
Date: 18 June 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (Beijing): Advancing Technology Development and Transfer under the Paris Agreement by Stephen Minas, Associate Professor, Peking University School of Transnational Law and Vice-Chair of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee
Date: 2 July 2021, 12:00 (London) / 17:00 (Dhaka): The perspective of the Least Developed Countries on Loss and Damage from climate change by Dr Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and Professor at the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
Date: 30 July 2021 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Global Goal for Adaptation for Raising Ambition under the Paris Agreement by Selam Kidane AbebeLegal Advisor for the African Group of Negotiators under the UNFCCC
Date: 26 August 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Streamlining the Ocean into COP 26 and beyond by Nilufer Oral, Director, CIL-NUS and Member of the International Law Commission
Date: 24 September 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) Equity and Fairness in International Climate Change Law by Lavanya Rajamani, Professor of International Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
Date: 8 October 2021, 10:00 (London) / 18:00 (SGT) The Compensation Question: Loss and Damages by Linda Siegele, Legal Advisor to AOSIS Member States
More information

Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EENR) Center at the University of Houston Virtual lecture series on Energy Transition and Climate Governance: Professor Uma Outka, University of Kansas School of Law “Energy Law, COVID, and Energy Burden.”
Date: 29 April 2021 at 10:00 (Central Time)
Register Here

Canada-US Law Institute conference, “Climate Change and The Arctic: Profound Disruption, Uncertain Impact
Date: 23 April 2021
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM  (GMT-4)
The full schedule and registration info can be found here

Canada-US Law Institute Webinar on the law and economics of climate adaptation with Matthew Kahn and Robin Craig.
Date: 28 April 2021
Time: 12:00-13:00 (Central Time)
Details here





Nature: Nordling L “‘The damage is total’: fire rips through historic South African library and plant collection” 19 April 2021

Climate change and energy

Environmental: First salvo fired at 20-year powership plan
Environmental groups fired their first salvo at Karpowership SA yesterday with a request to Parliament that public hearings be held before the deal to supply emergency power from floating barges proceeds. But a Business Day report says the shot fell short of the mark with the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy – which is briefing the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy – assuring MPs that public consultations had been held in prior steps of the process and that environmental groups would get an opportunity to object in the environmental impact assessment process. The Karpowership SA proposal involves the delivery of 1 200MW of energy via four liquefied natural gas powerships moored at ports around the coast to alleviate Eskom’s power supply constraints.

The transaction, which must first win all regulatory approvals as well as financial backing to reach financial close, envisages a 20-year power purchasing agreement with Eskom, says the Business Day report. Environmental groups object to the powerships on several grounds, most significantly that they run on a polluting fossil fuel, and are noisy and destructive to marine life. The groups that appealed to Parliament include 13 regional and local environmental and community fishing groups in the vicinity of Richards Bay, Coega and Saldanha Bay where the ships will be based. The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Initiative, which was one of the parties that brought a stop to nuclear procurement through a successful court action, also appealed to the committee to exercise caution and do the right thing for the environment. However, committee chair Zet Luzipho said that as this is a procurement process and not legislation or regulation, he does not see the need for public hearings. He said he has been assured by the responses provided by departmental officials that there is ‘nothing untoward’ with the Karpowership SA proposal. One of the big criticisms of the transaction is that it will extend for 20 years, long after the energy supply emergency is expected to be over. As an emergency measure – powerships are likely the quickest option to bring new generation on to the grid – the proposal has some support. But over 20 years, apart from the environmental aspects, energy analysts have warned that the cost is expected to amount to R218bn.

Full Business Day report (subscription needed) Legalbrief 21 April 2021

Water, waste, oceans and chemicals

Hosken G “Your trash was their ‘treasure’, but lockdown has pushed them to near-starvation” TimesLive 20 April 2021


Climate change and energy

Valcovici V and Abnett K “U.S. must halve emissions to galvanize global climate action – UN chief” Reuters 19 April 2021

Carrington D “A great deception’: oil giants taken to task over ‘greenwash’ ads” The Guardian 19 April 2021

Harrabin R “Climate change: UK to speed up target to cut carbon emissions” BBC 20 April 2021

“EU’s MSR intake rate might need raising to reach 2030 climate target –report” Carbon Pulse 20 April 2021

“Russian lawmakers give initial nod to nation’s first climate law” Carbon Pulse 20 April 2021

Chestney N “IEA issues ‘dire warning’ on CO2 emissions as it predicts 5% rise” Reuters 20 April 2021

Frazin R “Ocasio-Cortez, Markey reintroduce Green New Deal resolution” [USA] The Hill 20 April 2021

Brasher P “Overhauled climate bill wins expanded support to lay groundwork for ag carbon trading” Agri-Pulse 20 April 2021

Taylor K “Energy Charter Treaty strikes again as Uniper sues Netherlands over coal phase-out” EurActiv 20 April 2021

“EDF, RMI and Major Companies Launch Alliance to Drive Aviation Decarbonization” EDF 20 April 2021

“EU decision-makers conclude Climate Law setting net 55% GHG target for 2030” Carbon Pulse 21 April 2021

“Leaders Summit on Climate: Officials highlight need for public, private action ahead of COP26” Carbon Pulse 23 April 2021

“LEAF to impose high-ambition climate, deforestation commitments on both buyers and sellers –panel” Carbon Pulse 23 April 2021

“US likely needs new legislation to hit its revised Paris climate goal –panel” Carbon Pulse 23 April 2021

“UK fines seven firms £600k for EU ETS breaches” Carbon Pulse 23 April 2021

“Canada eyes CBAM consultation as budget sets out more stringent climate target” Carbon Pulse 19 April 2021

“China’s 2060 climate pledge is ‘largely consistent’ with 1.5C goal, study finds” Carbon Brief 22 April 2021

Ghana: Electricity metre scam flagged
“The Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) claims representatives of electricity distribution companies ‘and some political actors’ are conniving with homeowners to install illegal meters in their residences. ACEP official Kodzo Yaotse said sub-contractors, service providers and staff who distributed meters were in on the scam. MyJoyOnline reports that he said the problem was widespread and he urged government to take immediate action. ‘Politicians were also discovered in the mix. They get the meters from the Energy Ministry who procure these meters to share and connect households to the grid for electoral gains without the active involvement of the power distributing companies,’ he added. ACEP has called for an overhaul of Electricity Company of Ghana’s distribution system and the active monitoring of staff.” Full report on the MyJoyOnline site IBA Legalbrief 19 April 2021

Local government

Wax E “Belgians frite out over potato plant pollution” Politico 22 April 2021


Wilson F “California governor tells top oil regulator to phase out new fracking by 2024” Desert Sun 23 April 2021


Prof Charles Okidi of the University of Nairobi passed away
Prof Okidi that was instrumental in bringing Environmental law to Africa via his connection with UNEP and other institutions, died in the age of 78 this week. Read more at the University of Nairobi’s webpage. There is a special page where friends and colleagues can write their tributes.

Vacancies, Bursaries, Funding, Opportunities, etc.


ELA Student essay competition
Closing date: 31 May 2021
More information

Environmental and Mining Legal Consultant : South Africa
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Senior Environmental Consultant : Bryanston, Johannesburg
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Sustainability Consultant : Anywhere
Closing Date: 31 May 2021

Senior Environmental Assessment Practitioner: Johannesburg (Roodepoort)
Closing Date: 19 May 2021

Lead Environmental Consultant/Scientist : REF: ENV21-01 : Johannesburg (Rivonia)
Closing Date: 26 April 2021

Graduate Environmental Consultant : REF: ENV21-02 : KZN
Closing Date: 26 April 2021

Candidate Attorney (X2) – Lynnwood, Pretoria

Ethics & Compliance Interns: Barloworld Automotive & Logistics Africa

DLA Piper: Associate, Litigation & Regulatory

University of KwaZulu Natal:  Master of Taxation Programme Manager

University of Fort Hare: Professor: Oliver Tambo Chair Human Rights (Ref No. 411)


Food and Agriculture LLM Fellow – Vermont Law School
Closing date: 1 May 2021
More information

Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Law – University of New South Wales School of Law, Society and Criminology

Lecturer in Private Law – University of New South Wales School of Private and Commercial Law

Postdoctoral Position in Public Procurement Law and Competition Law – University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law

Doctoral Positions in Comparing Early Modern Colonial Laws – University of Helsinki Faculty of Law

Researcher of Public International Law University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Law School

Postdoctoral Position in Environmental Law – Lund University Faculty of Law



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